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Monday, January 17, 2011

Today is Monday, January 17th

Stress does terrible things to us.  It works it's insidious way into our psyches and makes us do and say things we regret.  I realize that I am stressed to the max and I have to look for ways to let go... that is a fact.  I will work some walking in to my schedule again.

Tracy had a big smile on his face when I got home today.  He had rosy cheeks and he wanted me to relax with him for a little while.  I had a myriad of things to do but I decided that spending some time with T was more important... I'm soo glad I did.

I'm about to change my whole working set up.  I am going to get rid of the tools I don't use or don't like using, my PC for one, and convert everything over to my mac.  I'll have to buy a CRM software program but that should make things easier and me much more efficient.  We'll see now, won't we?

All is well...

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  1. Tracy Looks GREAT! And I love Riley Snuggling with him! Glad this round one has been OK!
    Take a deep breath Annie! And yes, walk! Since the new year I have been walking too..mid day - like we used to do at Apple....Take care you guys..XXOO!!