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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Today is Wednesday, January 19th

Tracy was driven to Stanford today by an old friend from the bay area, Michael Dougherty.  He actually drove over from San Jose, picked up Tracy and then, drove him to Stanford.   God bless him!!!  Michael dropped T off for his labs & hell shot and when T was ready;  he called Michael to pick him up and drive him home.  What an incredible favor!!!

I was free to attend the Women's Council of Realtors luncheon and meet with my clients this afternoon, while I tried not to worry about Trace.  After all, this was the first time someone else had driven T for his treatment and I had my fingers crossed.  I've been yearning for a break and today was the first one.  So, I took care of business and returned home about 5:00 to find my baby looking kinda sickly...

   All went well today but T's numbers are off so, he'll need two blood transfusions tomorrow.  That means I'll be driving him since it takes about 2 hours per transfusion in addition to his hell shot so, we let Linda off the hook for driving him on Thursday.  T also was feeling kinda nauseous from the treatment so, I made some chicken soup with pastina and T's stomach settled down.

I think it will be an early evening....

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