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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today is Wednesday, January 12th

Ok so, once again I'm catching up...

Monday, the 10th was a day of checking in with my clients and escrows...and loving my honey.  We both realized that we only had a little time left before the chemo started again so, it was time to just relax and be.

Tuesday, the 11th was a day of disappointment and hope.  My client was finally ready to make his last offer on his dream home and he'd waited too long.  Someone else had jumped ahead of him.  Now it's wait and see if his deal survives since he's in a back up position.  I came home and did what I love to do to take my mind off the present... I cook... so, I made Italian soup, some people call it Italian wedding soup for my honey.  I figured since we'd be traveling to Stanford for the next few days, the soup was an easy favorite to sustain us.  We watched Zeva and the Good Wife and cuddled up for the night.

Directors of SCCAOR
Buddies: Darren, Seth, me, Bill  
We started off Wednesday with scrambled eggs & bacon for my honey while I made sure the inspections were going to start on time at the Castroville ranch.  Next stop Chaminade for my luncheon installation as a Director of the Santa Cruz County Association of Realtors.   I missed my installation last year 'cause we were in Grand Cayman Island with Johnny & Shar.  Boy am I glad we went and that we did some fantastic diving...it'll be a long time until we do that again... so,  it was a wonderful event and I even wore stockings!  Had to sneak out a little early in order to make Tracy's apt at Stanford where Tracy began the 2nd round of chemo...  He's also had a spinal tap while I held his head not wanting to look at what the expert Nurse Practitioner, Katie, from Berkeley was actually doing.  I really appreciate the expertise needed to do a medical practitioner's job.  I know that ain't me.  Tracy must stay in a prone position to avoid any complications like headaches and consume lots of liquids....We made it home and bid adieu to a very, very long day.... all he wants is rest now.  


  1. Sending sooo much love and light for you both!

  2. Sending lots of love and light your guys way!!!!
    Wow Annie . Stockings! .. I haven't put a pair of those on in years!!! You look so cute in your picture! Give hugs to Tracy for me and tell Riley to give daddys some cuddles..