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Monday, January 31, 2011

Today is Sunday, January 30th

HE'S BACK!!  TRACY IS HOME!!!   At around noon the powers that be made the decision to discharge my T.  It took awhile to actually let him go but we were heading for home soon enough.  We packed him up so quickly we left his iPod charger... headed for CVS to pick up more meds and that's when it got squirrelly.  They had to order one of the meds so, we took what had been prescribed and the pharmacist called us and questioned the fact that Tracy was taking two of these meds at the same time... they could cause arrhythmia  ... so was that what caused the arrhythmia?  T had been on them both while in the hospital...  I'm so distrustful at this point.  I want to know the sequence of each and every medication he was given while in the hospital.  He had one doctor for the first few days and then, no one seemed to be in charge...  and how interesting that the CVS pharmacist sounded the alarm today?  after Tracy had been in the hospital for 6 days and been given a never ending progression of drugs and dosages.  We're going to figure this one out and soon I hope.

It all makes me crazy with worry.  We shouldn't have to second guess the treatment he's given but how would something like this happen?  We've never had to worry about his heart before and now?

1. Call Dr. Alexander for the  treatment protocol while he was in the hospital.
2. Call Bruno re he's back & next steps.
3. Look up each and every drug & their interactions & contraindications.
4. Figure out whether the arrhythmia was drug induced.

All that and I showed Stan & Glenna 3 beautiful homes in Opal Cliff and West Cliff.  We'll see tomorrow...

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  1. I'll be damn! It takes a pharmacist to catch this....Geezzzzzzzz!!

    Glad you are home Tracy !!