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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sunday, Monday & Tuesday, January 2,3 & 4

I finally acknowledge that it's tough sometimes to keep up with this blog.  I get going and other things like Tracy or real estate take precedent and then, I'm faced with either blowing off the days I've missed or trying to do a brief run up.  Today I've chosen to tell the tale.  Doesn't mean I won't blow it off next time but here goes:

Sunday, a day of football ..  I loved seeing the niners kick butt!  Why didn't they bring it earlier in the season? .. and a day to show a home in Capitola and catching up with  adorable clients.  A day of fun and a day of chagrin as I tried to get some work done and the MLS software upgrade wasn't having it.  Tracy was content with only football on his mind.

Monday, a day of working on restructuring deals for success and a trip to Stanford for a GI base line for my honey.  We hope to avoid at least some of the pitfalls of the last chemo regimen.  By seeing the Gastroenterologists now when T is pretty OK and discussing all of the reactions and complications he experienced through the first round; we're hoping to mitigate and perhaps avoid the nasties next time around.  One can only hope and take every precaution possible.  So, really good interaction with Dr. Rhees and Cartwright.  They agreed with us that the issues more likely stemmed from the treatment, not dietary indiscretion.... but we'll probably never get Bruno to agree to that...  They did wholeheartedly agree tho' that going for the cure is paramount and everything else pales in the face of that.  Next stop, Friday with the Madeiros team.

T & Riley
Tuesday, started off without time for breakfast... not even coffee, pushed me off kilter.  It's house cleaning day so, as I was straightening up my office, I realized I had forgotten to do some paperwork so, by the time I finished that all I had time for was a kiss from my honey & I was out the door on the run.  After our sales meeting, the fabulous foursome, Lorraine, Marilyn, Vicki & I had breakfast, exchanged info and agreed to delve into continuing education together.  Valuable insights by bouncing off each other's experiences and with this deep level of trust we all win.  It's great to be a part of  the fabulous four!  A couple errands later, I was able to bounce two complicated deal scenarios around with my broker and then, proceed to the Castroville property that will become a dog lover's paradise very soon.  Barry, Dotti, Joel (a contractor and Barry's best friend) and I wandered around the property for quite awhile and then, came back and signed the counter offer and added a counter offer.  An hour later, we got the deal!  We're a happy family!!!  Home to T and a simple meal and one more two pronged approach to a solution for Janet & Mike.
Mike & Janet on New Year's Day
 I'm pooped but very pleased at an eventful January day...

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