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Monday, April 28, 2014

Today is Monday, April 28th Part 2

OK OK... here we go on the roller coaster of life....

First, we're praying for Toni to get well again.  Pneumonia is no day in the park and we're streaming white light to surround Toni.

Secondly,  everything happens for a reason.  Tracy's leg needs healing time. I had nightmares about him being knocked down with his leg in such poor shape.  I hadn't mentioned that T had an accident with a step ladder last week which resulted in a terribly swollen leg, bruises all over accompanied by a lot of pain.

So, T was feeling really badly that he hadn't been able to romp on the beach with Riley.  Now he may have time in the coming weeks.

Today is Monday, April 28th

Networking... reaching out... asking.... the name of the game we're deeply entrenched in as we desperately search for a place to land when T is discharged from Stanford.  That's a mouthful...

Uh oh... just heard from Toni, T's sister.  She's got pneumonia.  That means everything gets pushed back for how long?  Trying to reach Stanford doctors.

Stay tuned.... I'm about to lose my mind....

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Today is Wednesday, April 23rd

First the urgent need:

We are very lucky and I do believe in luck!!  

Tracy will be admitted to Stanford Hospital April 30th and given a bone marrow transplant on May 8th if all goes well.  We are extremely lucky that his big sister, Toni, is a match.  Again, if all goes well  (and we're counting on it ) Tracy will be discharged from the hospital by the end of the month.  We live in Rio Del Mar and that puts us outside the 30 min. distance to Stanford that is a requirement for the following approx. 90-110 days.  

If anyone knows of a short term home, condo or cottage rental that includes a kitchen ( no restaurant food or take out is permitted ) for at least the months of June & July & possibly August;  please let us know asap.  

We had a friend's rental lined up across from Santana Row until yesterday when the tenant decided they didn't want to leave.  We all know what this market is like... any leads would be greatly appreciated.

I sent that out to my Sereno family just now.  I'm hoping....

Lots of stress and mind numbing details... We spent 2 hours yesterday in a BMT class and an hour prior to that having a nurse practitioner take us through the consent forms.  We've had lots of discussion around the possibilities and all I want to do is escape... Tracy is very brave and determined and we WILL get through this....

Toni and Sonny, her husband, will be returning to Ca. and staying with friends in Santa Clara for the bone marrow transplant.  We are very lucky indeed!!  Diana & Denny gave them their air tickets and Sonny will care for Toni as she submits to the rigors of the BMT prep and harvest.... which will not be a day in the park.... 

Did a lot of miles last week and showed a house at 7PM on Sat.  So, Sun and Mon were down days.  

Love will get us through this...  thank you one and all for your prayers and lots of white light!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Today is Tuesday, April 15th

It's Tax day!!!  We actually e-filed ours yesterday... amazing... it's done!

As we head down the last stretch, we've been trying to finish things and take care of the things that might unwittingly slip through our fingers.  The dawning of our odyssey will commence tomorrow with Toni, T's beloved sister and bone marrow donor's arrival on a Southwest flight.  Unfortunately, the Angel Corp. Network is NOT a sure thing and can't be relied on...  oh well, I'm sure it works for some.... We've been totally blown away by the kindness and generosity of our family and friends...  Sat. the Clan decided it was time to eat and play games so, appetizers, dinner and homemade flan (made by Lou) arrived for our enjoyment.  Tracy's good humor permeated the gathering as we played 'Crimes Against Humanity' we laughed so much our jaws ached...  Laughter and good cheer... the stuff that makes memories...

We have received schedules for both T and Toni for the next few weeks and we're hoping to squeeze some quality time in before the isolation starts.  Diana and Dennis have offered their Southwest miles for Toni to return in May and Jayne has graciously offered her home for Toni to stay in, when she doesn't want to make the trek back over the hill ...since she'll be needed for approx. 6 consecutive days at Stanford.... and the generosity goes on and on....

We are re-thinking Stanford's rule for Tracy's proximity to the campus after his initial 30-35 day hospital stay.  What would we do if a truck blocked the fish hook or some other calamity impeded traveling to Stanford?  There is a chance that our need for a home within 30 min. of Stanford for 90-110 days and the Pevarnick clan's rental becoming vacant in June could coincide to be our saving grace.  It would be the answer to our prayers. Then, just getting our guest suite furniture over the hill would save the day...  Riley could join us and would help Tracy tremendously with his boredom and isolation.  Here's hoping the planets align...

Love to you all and Happy Easter!!!!

The McAnelli's Members Only Day for the Cephalopods
Friday, April 11th

Friday, April 11, 2014

Today is Friday, April 11th

Things are moving more quickly all of a sudden and I'm completely stressed out.... worried and just plain faklempt...

We received Tracy and Toni's Stanford schedules yesterday.   Next Friday which is also Good Friday, we're at Stanford all day for testing and evaluations prior to the all clear.   We're hoping for the Angels to fly Toni but that remains a ? mark so, Toni has booked a flight for next Wed. just in case.  The Angels won't fly on the weekend so, Toni would return home the following week if they come through at all.  We're hoping!!!!

T will be admitted on the 30th and will expect to be in the hospital for approx. 30 days.  Toni will be needed back on the 3rd through the 8th and allowed to fly again on the 10th.  Although Toni is a retired nurse;  the daily Neupogen shots will have to be administered on an out patient basis at Stanford for 4-5 days so, she can be monitored.  The transplant will take place tentatively on the 8th.

That's all we know right now.

My business has picked up and I'm trying to spend some quality time with T before he's admitted.  He's been having some very bad nights which in turn tires him out and makes sleep very fleeting for us both.

Patience and gratitude... permeate my thoughtful consciousness whenever I can get past the stress...

Keep the white light streaming please...

Monday, April 7, 2014

Today is Monday, April 7th

Things are shaping up quickly all of a sudden... T's been fighting something and that translates to bad nights... but for the most part with his newly found abstinence his sense of humor has kicked in big time... makes life worth living.  T's wit was a big factor for me almost 21 years ago and I'm so thankful it's returned once again...

Last week when Tracy was having his bone marrow biopsy; Bruno wandered by.  We embraced and then, since I was frustrated with the continual dodging of opinion for best treatment option;  I pursued it with Bruno, our trusted compadre.  The reality of our litigious culture inhibits sharing opinions and our relationship with the trial doctor is too new.  Bruno, however, has sustained a relationship through thick and thin for almost 4 years now....so I took the big leap... and Bruno responded... BMT (bone marrow transplant) tried and true with lots of experience whereas Penn is brand new and has not been tested thoroughly... no real stats for long term results.  No brainer according to Bruno... I voiced my love for T and that it would be easier if I didn't care so much.... We were astounded that the BMT could be done on an outpatient basis BUT Bruno's 'delicate flower'  T was adamant about not relocating to a residence 30 min. from the hospital. T had decided that he'd lie if need be so, he wouldn't have to leave his lair.  Psychologically, Bruno agreed that T has to be in synch.  So, Bruno went on his way and I was satisfied that my Italian lapsed Catholic but neverending guilt complex had been assuaged... my own personal confession and reconciliation by the high priest... Bruno... at least someone would know the truth.

So fast forward to Thurs. and a phone call from the BMT coordinator and we're breathing again...  Apparently,  T's treatment has been moved up and changed.   BMT would like T's sis, Toni to be at Stanford for her extensive day of testing on the 18th which also happens to be Good Friday.  They'd like T to go through his tests that day also and then,  Toni would be needed approx. a week later for her Neupogen treatments and ultimately, the harvest...and all of Toni's medical treatment would be covered by Blue Shield.  Meanwhile T would be admitted on the 28th for up to 30 days... phew!  and Toni could either stay for the 3 weeks or go home and come back... whichever works for her.  Best news of all today:  After exhausting every possibility for transportation and / or lodging coverage I've just spoken with the Corp. Angel Network.  They are affiliated with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and they can and will try to transport Toni from Fla. to Ca.  We just have to work out the logistics... unbelievable!!!!  Tracy now says he has to go get his sis so he can ride on a corporate jet....  the devil...

so don't give up on anything.... everything is possible... keep the white light streaming please....

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Today is Tuesday, April 1st

April Fool's Day!!!

No joke tho... it's raining!!! Yahoo!!!  Keep it up!!!

Let's play catch up... Last Wednesday, we finally spoke with the folks at Penn.  Tracy's bone marrow biopsy yesterday will determine his fate... all comes down to whether he's in remission or relapse.  If there are 5% or more leukemia blasts in his bone marrow he will go to Penn.  If not, it's transplant time... BMT.  Good news?  he has choices and Toni, his sister is a BMT match.

So, in the wake of the next phase of the saga ... the Reeds invited us to share their respite in Gualala for the weekend.  We drove up the coast on Thurs. and returned on Sun.  It was a cozy spot on the bluff with a view of the ocean and we totally enjoyed it.  Galleries and shops in Mendocino on Sat. even saw Van Craeynest ring in the same shop that started me on my quest for my wedding ring set so long ago....  the rest of the time we rested, watched the storms and streamed " House of Cards"... saw the entire 1st season again and hooked the Reeds and set us up to watch the 2nd season.

The view to the side of the cottage

Deanna, Gary & me

Gary, Deanna & T

We had just arrived and T took some photos...

It was a great respite!  Mon. we went to Stanford for T's biopsy and  we should have the results by the end of the week....today,  I'm back to work.  Looks like we'll be reviewing offers on my listing on Wed.

Stay tuned.... keep the white light streaming please...