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Friday, April 11, 2014

Today is Friday, April 11th

Things are moving more quickly all of a sudden and I'm completely stressed out.... worried and just plain faklempt...

We received Tracy and Toni's Stanford schedules yesterday.   Next Friday which is also Good Friday, we're at Stanford all day for testing and evaluations prior to the all clear.   We're hoping for the Angels to fly Toni but that remains a ? mark so, Toni has booked a flight for next Wed. just in case.  The Angels won't fly on the weekend so, Toni would return home the following week if they come through at all.  We're hoping!!!!

T will be admitted on the 30th and will expect to be in the hospital for approx. 30 days.  Toni will be needed back on the 3rd through the 8th and allowed to fly again on the 10th.  Although Toni is a retired nurse;  the daily Neupogen shots will have to be administered on an out patient basis at Stanford for 4-5 days so, she can be monitored.  The transplant will take place tentatively on the 8th.

That's all we know right now.

My business has picked up and I'm trying to spend some quality time with T before he's admitted.  He's been having some very bad nights which in turn tires him out and makes sleep very fleeting for us both.

Patience and gratitude... permeate my thoughtful consciousness whenever I can get past the stress...

Keep the white light streaming please...

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  1. That's great news and I understand that its very stressful for you both. Please stay strong and know that you have a lot of people praying for you both.
    Happy moments, praise God...Difficult moments, seek God...Quiet moments, worship God..Painful moments, TRUST GOD..
    and in all things, thank God.
    Keeping the white light streaming strong and bright for you both!!!!