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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Today is Tuesday, April 15th

It's Tax day!!!  We actually e-filed ours yesterday... amazing... it's done!

As we head down the last stretch, we've been trying to finish things and take care of the things that might unwittingly slip through our fingers.  The dawning of our odyssey will commence tomorrow with Toni, T's beloved sister and bone marrow donor's arrival on a Southwest flight.  Unfortunately, the Angel Corp. Network is NOT a sure thing and can't be relied on...  oh well, I'm sure it works for some.... We've been totally blown away by the kindness and generosity of our family and friends...  Sat. the Clan decided it was time to eat and play games so, appetizers, dinner and homemade flan (made by Lou) arrived for our enjoyment.  Tracy's good humor permeated the gathering as we played 'Crimes Against Humanity' we laughed so much our jaws ached...  Laughter and good cheer... the stuff that makes memories...

We have received schedules for both T and Toni for the next few weeks and we're hoping to squeeze some quality time in before the isolation starts.  Diana and Dennis have offered their Southwest miles for Toni to return in May and Jayne has graciously offered her home for Toni to stay in, when she doesn't want to make the trek back over the hill ...since she'll be needed for approx. 6 consecutive days at Stanford.... and the generosity goes on and on....

We are re-thinking Stanford's rule for Tracy's proximity to the campus after his initial 30-35 day hospital stay.  What would we do if a truck blocked the fish hook or some other calamity impeded traveling to Stanford?  There is a chance that our need for a home within 30 min. of Stanford for 90-110 days and the Pevarnick clan's rental becoming vacant in June could coincide to be our saving grace.  It would be the answer to our prayers. Then, just getting our guest suite furniture over the hill would save the day...  Riley could join us and would help Tracy tremendously with his boredom and isolation.  Here's hoping the planets align...

Love to you all and Happy Easter!!!!

The McAnelli's Members Only Day for the Cephalopods
Friday, April 11th

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  1. Love the pic! Grace is in abundance...
    Thanks be to God!
    Bright light is still being sent to you...probably should put the shades on.. :o)