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Monday, April 7, 2014

Today is Monday, April 7th

Things are shaping up quickly all of a sudden... T's been fighting something and that translates to bad nights... but for the most part with his newly found abstinence his sense of humor has kicked in big time... makes life worth living.  T's wit was a big factor for me almost 21 years ago and I'm so thankful it's returned once again...

Last week when Tracy was having his bone marrow biopsy; Bruno wandered by.  We embraced and then, since I was frustrated with the continual dodging of opinion for best treatment option;  I pursued it with Bruno, our trusted compadre.  The reality of our litigious culture inhibits sharing opinions and our relationship with the trial doctor is too new.  Bruno, however, has sustained a relationship through thick and thin for almost 4 years now....so I took the big leap... and Bruno responded... BMT (bone marrow transplant) tried and true with lots of experience whereas Penn is brand new and has not been tested thoroughly... no real stats for long term results.  No brainer according to Bruno... I voiced my love for T and that it would be easier if I didn't care so much.... We were astounded that the BMT could be done on an outpatient basis BUT Bruno's 'delicate flower'  T was adamant about not relocating to a residence 30 min. from the hospital. T had decided that he'd lie if need be so, he wouldn't have to leave his lair.  Psychologically, Bruno agreed that T has to be in synch.  So, Bruno went on his way and I was satisfied that my Italian lapsed Catholic but neverending guilt complex had been assuaged... my own personal confession and reconciliation by the high priest... Bruno... at least someone would know the truth.

So fast forward to Thurs. and a phone call from the BMT coordinator and we're breathing again...  Apparently,  T's treatment has been moved up and changed.   BMT would like T's sis, Toni to be at Stanford for her extensive day of testing on the 18th which also happens to be Good Friday.  They'd like T to go through his tests that day also and then,  Toni would be needed approx. a week later for her Neupogen treatments and ultimately, the harvest...and all of Toni's medical treatment would be covered by Blue Shield.  Meanwhile T would be admitted on the 28th for up to 30 days... phew!  and Toni could either stay for the 3 weeks or go home and come back... whichever works for her.  Best news of all today:  After exhausting every possibility for transportation and / or lodging coverage I've just spoken with the Corp. Angel Network.  They are affiliated with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and they can and will try to transport Toni from Fla. to Ca.  We just have to work out the logistics... unbelievable!!!!  Tracy now says he has to go get his sis so he can ride on a corporate jet....  the devil...

so don't give up on anything.... everything is possible... keep the white light streaming please....


  1. Progress! Keep the positive thinking and well get this done once and for all! Thanks for sharing your update. GREAT NEWS!

  2. So happy for you both! That's the best news I've heard in sometime. We will definately keep the white light directed your way. The power of positive thinking and prayer is amazing!!!