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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Today is Wednesday, April 23rd

First the urgent need:

We are very lucky and I do believe in luck!!  

Tracy will be admitted to Stanford Hospital April 30th and given a bone marrow transplant on May 8th if all goes well.  We are extremely lucky that his big sister, Toni, is a match.  Again, if all goes well  (and we're counting on it ) Tracy will be discharged from the hospital by the end of the month.  We live in Rio Del Mar and that puts us outside the 30 min. distance to Stanford that is a requirement for the following approx. 90-110 days.  

If anyone knows of a short term home, condo or cottage rental that includes a kitchen ( no restaurant food or take out is permitted ) for at least the months of June & July & possibly August;  please let us know asap.  

We had a friend's rental lined up across from Santana Row until yesterday when the tenant decided they didn't want to leave.  We all know what this market is like... any leads would be greatly appreciated.

I sent that out to my Sereno family just now.  I'm hoping....

Lots of stress and mind numbing details... We spent 2 hours yesterday in a BMT class and an hour prior to that having a nurse practitioner take us through the consent forms.  We've had lots of discussion around the possibilities and all I want to do is escape... Tracy is very brave and determined and we WILL get through this....

Toni and Sonny, her husband, will be returning to Ca. and staying with friends in Santa Clara for the bone marrow transplant.  We are very lucky indeed!!  Diana & Denny gave them their air tickets and Sonny will care for Toni as she submits to the rigors of the BMT prep and harvest.... which will not be a day in the park.... 

Did a lot of miles last week and showed a house at 7PM on Sat.  So, Sun and Mon were down days.  

Love will get us through this...  thank you one and all for your prayers and lots of white light!!!

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  1. Awesome job - you spiritual warriors you! Sending that pure LIGHT your way. I saw Robin Roberts on Letterman last night talking of her BMT. She seems radiant and sharing her story for inspiration. I'm visualizing Tracy bright and radiant and 100% healed!
    Love, Jan & Tom