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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Today is Friday, November 30th

what is it about this time of year?  People check out... like my Dad on Dec. 4th, 1989 and Tracy's Dad right after Christmas 1993 and then, there are the blips on the screen...  

I'm a little crazy and in love and knowing that there IS a solution.  Unfortunately, I have bad news.  Tracy's leukemia has returned.  He was admitted to Stanford last Fri. just before my trip and upon my return last evening, he told me the truth.  I'm going to see his Dr. tomorrow at 9am & I'll have more news then.  please check my blog.  it's tough to try and keep up with everyone....

I'm convinced that there is a treatment that will rid my T of this F____g disease!  I know there are several alternative ways to go.  1 is at the Univ. of Penn.- read about it last year in the NYTimes.  If T has to go to Pa. ; we'll figure it out.  There's some other program going on at Stanford also.  Tomorrow will tell... I'm exhausted.  Wrote an offer on a short sale today and then, went to Stanford to see my T and bring him some personal stuff.  My T has a deep depth of love and emotion...

I just finished writing an offer for a fabulous RDM home this evening.  Somebody's got to make the donuts as my bro said...

Keep the faith and keep the white light coming PLEASE!!!!!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Today is Friday, November 29th

Quite a respite and fabulous Thanksgiving holiday!!!  I'm now sitting in the Admirals Club at Logan Airport awaiting my flight... sipping a latte and trying to decide how I'll spend the time 'til about 11:30AM which is when I think we'll be boarding.

Yesterday was food loaded and a lot of fun.  The turduckit was fabulous!!  Holly is quite a foodie so, it was fun to partake.  My great niece loved her dress and put it on immediately
Arwin in her new dress
 When Ethan, my great nephew, opened his packages and found just clothes he bolted.  What no toys?
What a waste of time!!!

So, then there were the desserts....mmmmm!!!

So, I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday!!!

I'm on my way back home and I'll see my T tomorrow right after I've shown a San Jose home to David.

Love, luck & happiness!!!

Unwrapping our presents

My traditional cheesecake
Cheesecake & Apple Pie

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Today is Wed., Nov. 27th

I've been a good girl... thought about everything, made decisions and then executed... made my cheesecake from memory and my SW Texas chile appetizer once again from memory... now will T come home soon?  That is the ? of the day.

Catch up... Sat. I flew in to Boston and Johnny and Shar picked me up.  We then motored down to Nick & Carol's in North Haven where they fed & watered us well and entertained us and we called it a very long day.

Aunt Etta's party was fabulous!!!
My First Cousins: Vinny, Bobby & Paul D'Amico
Aunt Etta's sons

Here's the thing... Aunt Etta didn't get to go... she said she had a premonition that she might not make it and guess what?  She broke her hip Thurs. nite when she stubbornly took her garbage out down the steep stairs to the garage... she said she thought twice about it...but she did it even after she hesitated.  She knew Bobby was due in 15 min. but she wanted it out.
Testadura... hard head in Italian... love her so...anyway she was operated on on Fri. and we saw her on our way in to the party at St. Raphael's campus of Yale New Haven Hospital.  We walked in as a nun was about to give her communion.  The nun said "oh my God!  So much love in this room!" as Johnny, Shar & I walked in.  We said the Lord's Prayer together and Aunt Etta received the communion wafer as tears leaked out of my eyes...  she is lucid if not all the pieces fit exactly together... she's 100!!!  We asked what she had done and she replied "well I had a stent put in" and we changed the subject as she rambled on.  She's adorable and she was able to give info on all her grandchildren and was so happy we were there.. especially Johnny.   We kissed her and ached for our Mom and were happy that we'd come to Ct. after all.  Next stop:  St. Lawrence Cemetery to see Mom, Daddy, Cenz & Nonna & Nonoon nestled under a tree in the blustery cold wind.

Fried Clams & Johnny's Smelts
Food has been a big part of the trip... Lucibello's for Canoli Sicilian.. Pepe's for a pizza pie...  in New Haven... home of the original pizza pie also unwilling to make a white clam pizza for takeout on Sundays.  Damn them!  Mon. wonderful grilled swordfish at Shar's and then, Tues. fried clams and after an amazing Oyster Chowder at a brew pub in Plymouth after we saw Jay's art exhibited at a gorgeous Plymouth gallery.  Then today,  lobsta roll 1.

Lobsta Roll 1

Jay's art is so fresh and unique and I really loved experiencing it in such a cool gallery "the Artist Exposure Gallery" in Plymouth....

So great to be with family at this time... trying not to be a downer...  made my traditional cheesecake which I'll decorate with fresh berries and my Southwest appetizer for Thanksgiving.  Amazing:  Driscoll berries in abundance in Cape Cod!  Sure wasn't available when I was a kid.

Tracy had his bone marrow test yesterday; we'll have to wait 'til Fri.  for results.  He's hanging in there... had a PIC line installed today cause he had such a dreadful time a couple days ago with them poking him.  Probably an LP too in the next few days.  T has been told he's gonna have to stay for a couple weeks if not more. The pain in his back was shingles and it's bad and extremely contagious... when I visit, I'll have to suit up completely with mask...  there's talk of chemo again but nothing is for sure.  I need to be there and I will be soon.  I miss my T very much... and Riley boy too.  I love my family and I'm grateful to be here in the East with them... sure don't know when I'll see them again soon...  My family at home is tending our Riley and keeping T's spirits up with Face time.

Tomorrow is a day to be thankful for all the little things and especially the fact that we get to celebrate at all....   Happy Thanksgiving!!!

                                            CARPE DIEM!!!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Today is Mon., November 25th

I guess it's time to play catch up...  the last couple weeks have been quite the ride....

So, my man T had 2 Neupogen shots per week, the last two weeks and then, increased to 3 last week after seeing Bruno.  We started the process of getting a new prescription for home delivery which will probably take forever and in the interim T was to go to Dr. Wu's office for weekly labs and the shots. When we arrived to see Dr. Wu on Fri.; he stepped into the exam room shaking his head as he read the results.  His words were hard to hear.  "go to Stanford emergency immediately."  Tracy needed blood but his irradiated blood type couldn't be delivered until Mon. AND he felt Tracy's blood counts required immediate attention.  So, I went into solutions mode.  I cancelled a scheduled business meeting and a hair apt.  Office to take care of business and then, home to pack a bag for T and ask Alan for help with our Riley.   Tracy was admitted Fri. evening after the hematology crew saw him in the emergency room.  I left at 7PM with T's words insisting that I NOT cancel my scheduled trip to the east coast.

Yesterday, was our 18th wedding anniversary and T & I loved each other from afar.  We facetimed (it's a verb now) this morning and it was wonderful to see him... can't imagine having spent the last 20 years anywhere without him.  He has always been my rock.  We've had our ups and downs especially this past summer but when we speak from our hearts... like we have been for the last weeks and months... there's no stopping us.  I love him so....

So,  the second weekend in Nov. was fun loaded.  I had a great tour with clients and then, home to get gussied up and off to the Panetta Institute's Lincoln Jefferson Awards at the Inn at Spanish Bay in Pebble Beach.  The recipients of the awards were U.S. Senators Saxby Chambliss, Barbara Mikulski and newscaster Bob Schieffer.   I was 1 of 5 politically minded friends invited by Lila to share an amazing evening!!!  

Ready or not?
Pat & I Oh Boy!
Tina & Zach Friend, Pat, me & Lila
 Truly a memorable evening!!!

Next day we went to Candlestick to see the 49ers vs the Panthers... Argh!!!  Tracy was allowed to go cause it's an open air stadium and we were in Jayne's seats on the aisle.  Our last trip to the 'stick' and unfortunately, the niners never showed up...

Since then, lots of fun with assisting clients in their quest for homes... the Professors are now in contract in Seascape and Laura and Christian are in their new Woods Cove home and David may have found a San Jose home that he likes and Mark and Kathy are zeroing in on a new Rio Del Mar home.  Oh boy!! Lots of fun...

Stay tuned...

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sat., November 23rd

Here I am on a plane heading east and the love of my life is at Stanford Hospital.  What?!*#!!!

I’m fulfilling my desire to see my Mom’s twin celebrate her 100th birthday…  where’s Mom?  Up in heaven, I hope looking down and saying she’s got T surrounded….  that’s what I remember about my Mom… call her anytime day or night and she had the right words… the feeling that she always surrounded me with love and support and so much heart…  her first words were always “ now come on now…  you know you can handle this…  let’s see what to do”  She never heard “No” either… my Mom the original love of my life.   She knew how to encourage or coax or just plain say the right words.  Oh, how I miss those early morning phone calls.  She lived in Ct. and the time difference was just right.  I would call her as I had my first cup of coffee in my lovely Los Gatos home filled with love…. Tracy would be upstairs in bed and Max and Spec would be waiting… I would check in to see what that amazing creature was up to.  Just think if she had had a Mom like her… what she would have accomplished… She saw my soul and never flinched… not once… through it all, she was there… even when she heard what she didn’t want to hear.  To be a Mom to all, to love without any rules… she was the one who gave me the word… “Just QUIT”  when it was time to recognize I’d done what I set out to do… pull the HR dept together in Chicago… set them free and then, set me free… or when I was admitted and decided not to go to law school… Daddy wanted grandbabies… Mom said “be the best of whatever you are”… and another decision was acknowledged and accepted without judgement.  Amazing the backbone of a little Italian powerhouse.

My reverie stems from too little sleep and being faced with my love being admitted cause he needs help.  He’s in the best place possible right now… Stanford Docs caring and loving my man… bringing him back from the brink..  Bruno is out of the country but the Hematology crew is on it.  It pays to be a ‘character’ if you’re gonna have to deal with medical issues.  If you’re memorable or have a personality; you’ll attract attention and that will go far in the pursuit of a solution.  I think Tracy was admitted while a lot of folks were waiting simply because we were articulate about what he needed and soon please.  Amazing how that works….  When I put it to Tracy... should I go or should I stay?  T replied " Would you rather go to a celebration or funeral?"  So here I go...

Friday, November 8, 2013

Today is Friday, November 8th, 2013

Harrowing last few weeks but once again... we shall survive.  A week ago Tues., during my annual wellness exam, my doctor found a 1.7 cm lump in my right breast.  I had already scheduled my mammogram for the following Mon. but my Dr. insisted that I should go immediately.  I had a digital mammogram and then a sonagram and then, a biopsy.... man oh man the pain was immense but the waiting over the weekend until Tues. afternoon was excruciating.  The answer:  benign PHEW!!!  The weird part:  a milk duct had basically blown apart.  The doctors were flummoxed.  How could that happen?

I think I've figured out the puzzle with the help of my wonderful masseuse, Jan.    Last evening as I lay down on the table;  I explained my black & blued breast and the ? of the hematoma.  Jan reminded me about my last fun day in Hawaii.  I enjoyed boogie boarding while in Kauai until the very last day.  I was tethered to the board and rode a spectacular wave only to realize way too late that it was only the first of a set of very turbulent waves.  I succeeded in coming up for air but only after those waves had beaten me to the ocean floor several times.  After realizing that I'd also done a face plant; I exited thankfully and quickly put ice on my swollen right eye before the black eye surfaced.  I do believe that's where my breast hematoma derived from.  Whaddayathink?

So, I think that's enough for me.  T, however, has been declared neutrapenic again.  So, while he languors, he'll be taking 2 neupogen shots a week for the next 2 weeks and we'll be hoping his white cells start climbing...  white light needed...

This shall be a fun weekend... showing property to great clients on Sat. and then, celebrating at the Leon Panetta Gala at Pebble Beach as a guest of Lila's and then, Sun. off to see the 49ers play the Panthers at the Stick.  Wow!!!

I'll check in next week hopefully, with some photos...