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Monday, November 25, 2013

Today is Mon., November 25th

I guess it's time to play catch up...  the last couple weeks have been quite the ride....

So, my man T had 2 Neupogen shots per week, the last two weeks and then, increased to 3 last week after seeing Bruno.  We started the process of getting a new prescription for home delivery which will probably take forever and in the interim T was to go to Dr. Wu's office for weekly labs and the shots. When we arrived to see Dr. Wu on Fri.; he stepped into the exam room shaking his head as he read the results.  His words were hard to hear.  "go to Stanford emergency immediately."  Tracy needed blood but his irradiated blood type couldn't be delivered until Mon. AND he felt Tracy's blood counts required immediate attention.  So, I went into solutions mode.  I cancelled a scheduled business meeting and a hair apt.  Office to take care of business and then, home to pack a bag for T and ask Alan for help with our Riley.   Tracy was admitted Fri. evening after the hematology crew saw him in the emergency room.  I left at 7PM with T's words insisting that I NOT cancel my scheduled trip to the east coast.

Yesterday, was our 18th wedding anniversary and T & I loved each other from afar.  We facetimed (it's a verb now) this morning and it was wonderful to see him... can't imagine having spent the last 20 years anywhere without him.  He has always been my rock.  We've had our ups and downs especially this past summer but when we speak from our hearts... like we have been for the last weeks and months... there's no stopping us.  I love him so....

So,  the second weekend in Nov. was fun loaded.  I had a great tour with clients and then, home to get gussied up and off to the Panetta Institute's Lincoln Jefferson Awards at the Inn at Spanish Bay in Pebble Beach.  The recipients of the awards were U.S. Senators Saxby Chambliss, Barbara Mikulski and newscaster Bob Schieffer.   I was 1 of 5 politically minded friends invited by Lila to share an amazing evening!!!  

Ready or not?
Pat & I Oh Boy!
Tina & Zach Friend, Pat, me & Lila
 Truly a memorable evening!!!

Next day we went to Candlestick to see the 49ers vs the Panthers... Argh!!!  Tracy was allowed to go cause it's an open air stadium and we were in Jayne's seats on the aisle.  Our last trip to the 'stick' and unfortunately, the niners never showed up...

Since then, lots of fun with assisting clients in their quest for homes... the Professors are now in contract in Seascape and Laura and Christian are in their new Woods Cove home and David may have found a San Jose home that he likes and Mark and Kathy are zeroing in on a new Rio Del Mar home.  Oh boy!! Lots of fun...

Stay tuned...

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