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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sat., November 23rd

Here I am on a plane heading east and the love of my life is at Stanford Hospital.  What?!*#!!!

I’m fulfilling my desire to see my Mom’s twin celebrate her 100th birthday…  where’s Mom?  Up in heaven, I hope looking down and saying she’s got T surrounded….  that’s what I remember about my Mom… call her anytime day or night and she had the right words… the feeling that she always surrounded me with love and support and so much heart…  her first words were always “ now come on now…  you know you can handle this…  let’s see what to do”  She never heard “No” either… my Mom the original love of my life.   She knew how to encourage or coax or just plain say the right words.  Oh, how I miss those early morning phone calls.  She lived in Ct. and the time difference was just right.  I would call her as I had my first cup of coffee in my lovely Los Gatos home filled with love…. Tracy would be upstairs in bed and Max and Spec would be waiting… I would check in to see what that amazing creature was up to.  Just think if she had had a Mom like her… what she would have accomplished… She saw my soul and never flinched… not once… through it all, she was there… even when she heard what she didn’t want to hear.  To be a Mom to all, to love without any rules… she was the one who gave me the word… “Just QUIT”  when it was time to recognize I’d done what I set out to do… pull the HR dept together in Chicago… set them free and then, set me free… or when I was admitted and decided not to go to law school… Daddy wanted grandbabies… Mom said “be the best of whatever you are”… and another decision was acknowledged and accepted without judgement.  Amazing the backbone of a little Italian powerhouse.

My reverie stems from too little sleep and being faced with my love being admitted cause he needs help.  He’s in the best place possible right now… Stanford Docs caring and loving my man… bringing him back from the brink..  Bruno is out of the country but the Hematology crew is on it.  It pays to be a ‘character’ if you’re gonna have to deal with medical issues.  If you’re memorable or have a personality; you’ll attract attention and that will go far in the pursuit of a solution.  I think Tracy was admitted while a lot of folks were waiting simply because we were articulate about what he needed and soon please.  Amazing how that works….  When I put it to Tracy... should I go or should I stay?  T replied " Would you rather go to a celebration or funeral?"  So here I go...

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