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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Today is Wednesday, January 15th

This was an amazing day at the close of an even more amazing weekend which closed out a very amazing week of disparities.  That's what I started to write last Sunday and never got any further. .. the best of intentions ...  so now it's Wed. and we've been to Stanford three times in the last week and T has had two treatments of the second cycle of this clinical trial.... his numbers are down again which we hope is the right outcome after the chemo.... and then, we had some fun...

Sponsored the Robben Ford show at Kuumbwa last Fri and had a blast... enjoyed the show thoroughly and then, rolled into some amazing playoff games... as a result the Patriots and the Niners will be playing in the NFL and AFL championship games this Sunday.

And then, Sun. afternoon, we went to Adolfo's daughter, Daisy's viewing... there's nothing sadder in the whole world than the loss of a child and Daisy was adored by all who knew her....  I have no words to describe it but the overwhelming grief at the loss of such a special young woman will be impossible to forget.  After the rosary, there was a slide show of Daisy's moments and one especially struck home... she was so gorgeous in her turquoise quinceanera gown and she had the guts to finish it off with sneakers... what a wonderful character who deeply touched all who knew her and will be sorely missed.

Cherish every day and share your love by paying it forward....

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