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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Today is Wednesday, Jan. 8th, 2014

It's official!  The new year has begun and so far so good....  T is holding his own... after 3 visits to Stanford in a week - Mon. being the last and a very long day; T was given his chemo infusion to start the next cycle.  Yahoo!!!  We met with Dr. Micheala Lidtke after labs and she was so sincere and caring and down to earth.  She reassured us both that T was heading in the right direction.... labs were good and she apologized about the delay at every turn that day.  It is a teaching hospital and the school had a mandatory shut down over the holidays... funny cancer doesn't care.... and Mon. was the first day back for most folks.  Consequently,  everything was behind schedule.... So, T's numbers are trending better and his stomach is not so distended nor are his ankles.. the delicate balance is almost restored... his liver counts look better and he seems better.   She also mentioned that she would email again to find out what the situation was with the Penn study.  We're hoping and praying for a spot to open up.

I have to admit... I'm tuckered out.  I was ecstatic to show one multi- residential property, do the food shopping, gas up the chariot and collect some crab from Frank on Sat.  Home to watch wild card games all weekend before heading back for a very long day at Stanford on Mon.

Please understand if I don't answer the phone or email right away... I'm exhausted.  Yesterday,  other than a final walk thru for my clients;  TV was all I could manage.  I realize it's better that I try to do things when I have the energy cause it's just not sustainable.... this body craves rest and remission right now.

Carpe diem!!!

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  1. Hi Annie, Glad to hear T is holding his own. Wish I could be there to assist with the day to day chores. Know that I am there in spirit....

    Love you lots!!!
    Patti (Mull)