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Friday, January 3, 2014

Today is Friday, Jan. 3rd, 2014

Wow!!!  This will be a great year... in numerology it's a 7 and that's a very good number!!!

It's Friday and we're at Stanford for our second visit this week..  the first was Tues.- New Year's eve.   This time we met with Bruno, had labs and had a chest x-ray to make sure T's PIC line was not disturbed.    No Dr. Liedtke as it turns out cause the team was not in today... so, we consulted with Bruno instead and I gave some feedback to Dr. Liedtke's coordinator- wondering why we were told T would have an infusion today and meet with the clinical trial team too but to no avail.  Oh  well... it is a teaching hospital.... and the good news is:  T's numbers are finally better!!!  Oh what an immense relief!!!  We will be back again next week and T is supposedly scheduled for labs, Liedtke and a 4 hour infusion of Inotuzumab, a miracle drug as far as I'm concerned.  The only lingering problem has been T's liver response but Bruno said his labs today show he's going in the right direction...

Bruno was very encouraging and has basically relinquished T's care to Dr. Liedtke and said his concerns at this point were only T's liver  - so, we're back again next week to meet with the clinical trial team and to find out what the response has been from Penn.

A quiet New Year's eve and the first day of the new year was spent watching movies... and eating chocolates... mmmm  nice way to start the year...

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