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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Today is Tuesday, January 21st

Wow!  The last week has flown by... we're in a drought situation here in sunny California and the days couldn't be prettier...or hotter.... our walk on the beach this morning was garnished with some of the largest waves I've seen here on our coast yet.... they're almost scary...

So, I'm playing catch up again and we left off on Wed. Tax day... So, Thurs. Marilyn & I eked out seeing a few homes in South County on Brokers tour and then, I went home to dress for the Sereno New Year Celebration at the Sharon Heights Country Club in Menlo Park.  What a fabulous party!!!!
Sit down surf & turf dinner and great DJ!  I had a blast and danced all night with Vick since both of our husbands weren't able to make it.  I love line dancing and we did it up right!!!

Photos from the party:
Vick & Anne Marie


Denise, Vick, me, Shannon & Shannon

the Santa Cruz Crew

Oh YAH?!

Oh boy!

do we really have to go?
It was an absolutely fun evening and I thank the Sereno Group for 2 great years with a third coming up!

Then, Friday we saw "The Book of Mormon" in San Francisco with Jayne & Lou.  Another great night altho' I have to say I'd forgotten it was a South Park piece... need I say more?

And then, after a fabulous trip to Tuscany with Linda, Jim & Alan on Sat. we were witness to the play off games on that fateful Sun... what a terrible end to the Niners' and the Patriots' seasons!!!  I'll never understand why there were such bogus calls in the SF game and they couldn't be challenged?!!!!

Very early on Monday morning we arrived at Stanford only to be put on terminal hold ... it seemed like they forgot it was a holiday and over scheduled ... a very long day with the good news that T's numbers are moving slightly in the right direction.  He's handling the treatment well and we are grateful for that.

I'm ready for a nap...

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