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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Today is Wednesday, November 16th

I'm playing catch up as we roll into our week... Tuesday after our Sales Meeting and tour, I collected T and we did a Costco run... what a difference a year makes.  This is the 2nd time in 13 months that Tracy has been inside Costco.  I do believe he enjoyed rounding up our staples & having a hot dog & lemonade as Riley waited patiently in the car.  We dropped our bounty off and immediately went to the beach to enjoy the sunshine...and Riley ran and ran and ran... have to admit, he is slowing down just a wee bit... but we won't tell him...  Home for some phone work.  Then, Jan, our angel, came by to rework our bodies thru massage and we settled in for the evening.

Today, Wednesday, has become my favorite day of the week.  After our walk & some phone work this morning, T & I headed over to Betsy's to play with clay.  We missed our day last week due to my new San Jose listing & a trip to Stanford; so we were both craving our clay play.  I can't explain how wonderful it feels to create with my hands & my heart in such a warm & loving environment.  We both decided on a new piece today and I actually completed the sculpting.  Tracy's is a face that is truly gorgeous (didn't get a photo cause T had wrapped it up).  These pieces all have to dry now and that will take awhile.  Then, they are fired in the kiln and then we get to glaze or paint or shellac or whatever the piece speaks to us.  Oh Boy!!!

My Leo, the Lion

My Oscar, the Otter

T's Riley boy
 I'm amazed at how satisfying the process is.  I'd been feeling major suitcase envy but somehow this new avenue is filling me up.  We even took Riley by when we broke for lunch.  Everyone loved our boy as we do.  He'd had a bad morning.  Something scared him and he literally had climbed up to the head of the bed & perched above our heads.  We finally calmed him down but an extra walk was in the cards.

I have a rant coming... 60 minutes did a piece last Sunday on Congress which has totally blown my mind.  I'll have to collect my thoughts and words in order to voice it, but it's coming.... and so's Christmas...

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  1. Your art / clay is AMAZING.. I'm totally impressed!!!!!! Love Di