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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Today is Wednesday, November 30th

I'm a very tired girl... packed fun & work into the last two days and now I'm ready to unwind.  Life is sooo good.  Walked on the beach this morning with my boys after I'd talked to my Aunt Etta, my Mom's twin, who just turned 98... sounds just like my Mom so, I like to listen as she rambles... She's still living in her own home in West Haven, Ct. and luckily no longer drives.  She cooks and cleans & keeps up with her grand children & plays bingo twice a week at the senior center ( which she helped establish).  She's an inspiration.  Also, called my great niece to wish her a happy birthday.  Arwen turned 6 yesterday.... also, spoke with my long lost cousin, Vinny... Oh family, my family...

Then, set to work & finished Tracy's Virgo girl... kind of an Impressionist piece that will need to be fired & then?

Virgo for T
Showed property this evening until about 7:30... now I know why I don't like to show property when it's dark... hard to see the lockbox... let alone find the places...  I'm lucky to have avoided a suddenly stopped car on E.Cliff Dr. & a terribly lit area in a townhouse parking lot.  Home to my honey, comfort food prepared by T and glad to be here...

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  1. Stunning Virgo Piece - Job well done.. did I tell you I am a Gemini?? Hee Hee... Loved seeing you guys for Turkeyday you made us feel so at home and FULL... Hugs and Kisses.. Love Di