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Monday, November 14, 2011

Today is Monday, November 14th

Life is amazing... Sat. was a day for enjoying friends.  Started out with meeting Deb at the Summit and then, zooming down the hill to Jayne's where we hooked up with Carla & Jayne and started our trip to Max's of Burlingame for Gina's baby shower... what an amazing party with lots of gals and a gorgeous young mother to be...  I enjoyed seeing Deanna, Lori, Pati, Jennel and Carmel and chatting with the rest of Gina's extended family.  Beautifully done and a wonderful celebration... afterwards the fab four returned to Jayne's & immediately on to the Summit with Deb to pick up my car & crest the hill...home to yet another party at Grace & Mike's catered affair at their home on Granada... the weather had held and the group was enjoying the garden and the spectacular eats and I got to relax with our neighbors and artists...  T had moseyed over earlier with Jim & Linda and I was happy to join them... finally, we sauntered home to put our feet up...

Sunday brought a day of meeting and greeting and a hard decision... we'd worn our old 49er t-shirts for 6 straight game wins... last week I'd even not changed my shirt until the last minute to go to my open house.  Sunday, I had no choice... How could I take the chance of screwing up the streak?  I had an open house at 104 Angora Lane and my clients were nice enough to put the game on for me and I WORE the shirt... never had I ever been so casual as to wear a t-shirt to an open house but today I did it and I'm so glad I did!!!  The niners won their 7th in a row...  do I hear Super Bowl???   it was soo fun to meet and greet while the game was on and I even heard from one visitor that it was refreshing!  Jaime & his wife came in as I was opening up ( it was Jaime's 3rd visit of the week) and after his wife had seen the home, they decided to write an offer with me representing them.  We agreed to touch base after I closed up.  I also had Lisa Cardoza, my go to mortgage broker call him for a pre-qual. It was an amazing day and I went home to write the offer and email it.  I  spoke with Jaime several times and we agreed to meet in the office today to go over the details... all was well and Larry was ecstatic!  Dinner and an early bedtime completed the day.

Today after a disturbing call from the negotiator on Brian's deal ( he's insistent that it's no longer a HAFA deal & that we have to come up with more money for the 2nd; I insisted on seeing the details in writing) & subsequently speaking with both Larry and Jaime... I went to meet Jaime at the office.  We spent an hour & a half going over the details of the offer and the short sale process.  We then agreed to meet again at 3:30 to collect the signed offer (from he & his wife) and Larry was going to come by at 5.  At 3:35, Jaime called with bad news... his wife had cold feet.  I was going to list their home immediately and they simply weren't ready for that big a change.... many phone calls later to apprise everyone of the news... I went home, took a walk with my honey & Riley and promptly at 5:00, T made me an outstanding lemon drop while he sipped on a margarita, ate dinner & watched the Packers trounce the Vikings and soon, showered and relaxed we retired to watch Antiques Roadshow and call it an early night....  Just another day in the life of a Realtor...

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