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Monday, November 7, 2011

Today is Monday, November 7th

After a great weekend, we took it easy today.  With the sun, we strolled around the neighborhood with our Riley, chomping at the bit to go to the beach again even tho' Jogger Judy took him for a run this morning at 7:30AM.  Home to the papers and after fresh squeezed OJ, coffee and a protein drink, our T went back to bed.  I took his temp which was normal and hugged & kissed him and left him to rest and sleep.  He remained in bed all day... I kept checking on him all day... he's fine just spent.   I stayed home and worked out of my home office cause I didn't want to leave him.  The nadir and the new chemo may take a toll on our boy.... he rallied enough to cheer his beloved Chicago Bears on Mon. night football and eat some chicken soup with pastina... our boy is my hero.

We are truly blessed... keep that white light coming please...

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