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Friday, November 11, 2011

Today is Veteran's Day, 11-11-11

Wow! What a conundrum!!! Can you imagine 11-11-11? and not think something amazing is going on?

Thursday was a full on work day. Brokers Tour and I had 104 Angora Lane on too... so, it was a chance to meet and greet 20 plus agents & 3 prospective buyers... Lots of talking and winking and enjoying what we do... I'm a happy gal and I'm feeling like I can make a difference...

Today was Veteran's Day and I'm amazed by the heroism of our soldiers. Through so many centuries, the reality remains the same. So many citizens sacrificed their lives for us... Viet Nam rings particularly hard with me... I can remember thinking that if my brothers went I would demonstrate everywhere to keep them safe...Now it's not even the draft that entices our young..I'd like to know what the percentage is of young people that are enticed by the prospect of doing the best for their country... how could we treat them so shoddily?

Anyway, today as the rain poured down.. I decided it was the day to call my clients and what a great day to keep in touch... it felt soooo good!! I'm so glad that life has allowed me the time and energy to keep in touch... I also acknowledge that I'm not delving into stuff at all...protective measure? who knows?

Dinner with Jan & kim, Gary & Deb at Rio Del Mar Mexican and at last accepting my fate... I'm a a happy girl loving living here in Rio Del Mar....

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