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Friday, March 30, 2012

Today is Friday, March 30th

WE HAVE GREAT NEWS!!! Tracy is back to normal!!! This roller coaster has us smiling but exhausted and yet, so thankful for yet another twist. We arrived at Stanford today not exactly excited... more apprehensive about what was in store. Thank God we're a little dumbstruck but able to absorb the never ending tale... Dr. Lam was inquisitive and cordial and after ascertaining that T had gained about 9lbs (I say YAHOO!!!) and that his white cell count was back to normal... we all relaxed and Dr. Lam went along with T's answer that he only had problems when doing chores so, he probably shouldn't be expected to do any....hee hee got his sense of humor back too... altho' over the last week there have been several times when I haven't responded as quickly as he'd like to perhaps play some Wii tennis; T's dropped the line "come on now, you know I'm gonna die soon" the shit.... and then, we both giggle...gotta love this man of mine...

So, today was no different. We spent a good amount of time with the Fellow, Dr. Lam... working through the work up and rolling with the punches... and laughing too. And then, Bruno arrived with all pomp and circumstance stripped away. Tracy is an enigma. We don't know why he dropped so perilously low last week and with 3 Neupogen shots returned to normal. We only know he did. So, we're back in a month to revisit Bruno with one lab visit in between.... we hope & pray he stays normal... Bruno believes he will be on this regimen until Sept. That will be one year of the maintenance regimen. Then, hopefully, we'll see Bruno monthly and go back to seeing Dr. Wu for his CLL on a quarterly basis....benign neglect sounds so positively wonderful to me.

So, no more mask and just the same old admonitions. If you're ill, stay away!!! Otherwise slowly but surely, we'll get back to normal. Right now we're wiped out but we heal nicely.

Hopefully, the next time the Voodoos play the Crows Nest we'll have the energy to enjoy it. You rock Tom!!!

C Y'all soon!!!!

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  1. That is the best news I have heard all YEAR.. We pray for you guys everyday!! Let us know when you are up for the CROWS NEST.. We'd like to come celebrate with you!!! This made our day ;) Love Mike and Di