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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Today is Sunday, April 1st April Fool's Day

Wow! What a weekend! As we left for our walk on the beach Sat. morning, I casually asked T if he thought it was going to rain... ai yi yi the next thing we knew the wind started whipping us and the rain was pelting us as the storm came crashing down. Riley didn't care as he roamed the deserted shore and we fought the wind and rain... home to shed our drenched clothes & relish a long hot shower after bathing our contented boy, Riley. Then it was time to attack our taxes and finally, a brief respite with Lila & Pat. Home to rustle up some dinner and watch "A Week with Marilyn". Now that was a 4 star movie. Michelle Williams embodied Marilyn! she was fabulous and I loved the movie!

Today between finishing up the tax compilation for our meeting with our tax gal in the morning and clearing out the route for our new (to us) sofas for Tracy's lair; I showed homes to Carol and Chuck. They are set on one and away we go!!! We'll write an offer by Wed. and keep our fingers crossed...

T had a very big day. He borrowed Tom's truck, & he & Riley drove over to Saratoga and picked up the couches and made arrangements with Sean & a friend to unload the couches on this end. My man is tired but oh so happy...
The couch story is a great one. Deanna wanted a sleeper couch for family to visit (since they don't have a guest room). The couches that Gary really didn't want to replace were to be donated but we came along and were able to lovingly recycle them. They're wonderful! We are able to recline on each end and still have Riley snuggled between us. We settled into them this evening and watched "Moneyball" A good movie but definitely NOT best movie of the year.. and the couch was very comfortable...thank you one and all!!!

Now we get to recycle our settee plus leather recliners....and the wheel goes round and round.

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