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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Today is Saturday, April 21st

OK, so it's been awhile... life got in the way...

 I'm a very happy gal today. Tracy & I are enjoying the simple pleasures of living on the coast. It's 88 degrees and we're sitting on our back deck in the wonderful shade having listened to my favorite programs on KAZU (our NPR station) since about 10:00 this morning while I caught up on the last 3 days of the SS Sentinel and the SJ Mercury News. Our listening pleasure started with Click and Clack, the Tappet Bros. whose "Car Talk" show about all the foibles facing car owners leads to a lot of giggles until "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" makes for outright belly laughs.

 Speaking of belly laughs...OMG! last night was a night for raucous outright belly rolling hysterics... Carla, Jayne and Tim (the lovelies) arrived about 8:30PM armed with an Aptos Pizza large ( T inspired vegetarian with sausage substituted for mushrooms) pizza pie and their ready for anything selves and we proceeded to sample Skinny Girls Cosmos in frozen form while we munched on pizza and our special cheese cake. I took it it very slowly having already been a very bad girl earlier in the week.

 Interesting... I went from almost zero for several weeks/months (T doesn't drink much at all anymore and I don't like to drink alone) to sharing several bottles of red with my good friend, Deb while watching the finals of the singer/songwriter contest at Brittania Arms Tues. night. Gar had invited us at dinner time with the salmon burger enticing us to join them. That incident cruelly reminded me that having fun has its cost sometimes... also remembered that eating prior to imbibing was VERY important.

 Anyway, last night was a total hoot for all especially after we sampled some of T's special sauce. I felt like a little kid again as we ran outside to smell our blooming lilacs. All of us making enough noise to raise our sleepy neighborhood from sleep... and everything was funny as we each laughed with total abandonment at our stories, Tim's impressions and nothing at all... until T announced it was time for bed...1:15 AM came very quickly. I was sad to see everyone leave this morning but so glad that we had all enjoyed ourselves to the max and none of us would have to give up the day because of excess last night! Phew!

 Lots of amazing stuff going on over the last week. I started a new refresher real estate class- Peak Producers by Brian Buffini. I've realized that I can tailor the class program to what I want to adopt and that's a very good thing. Lots of reminders about what's important to me and most of all to my clients. BUT with starting this 12 week class and my conversational Italian every other Thurs., I've definitely got a very full dance card. I figure if we can't travel, I won't be bored... I had brought up a brief road trip perhaps to Santa Barbara to my honey and he summarily nixed it with "why go there, when we live here?" as we strolled the shore one morning....

 And then there's my honey, Tracy. My love still suffers with headaches and aching feet and body pain with nary a word. I know he's in pain when I hear the Tylenol bottle shaking out a few pills. I'm thankful that he and I share our home and our lives together ignoring the elephant in the room. He had his labs done last week and we waited anxiously hoping that we wouldn't hear anything about low counts... and THANK GOD!!! no news was good news... Next Friday will be telling and we hope uneventful as well.

I've made a commitment to take a few hearty hikes with Marilyn and hopefully, that will lead to shedding a few pounds. I'm ready for Spring and Summer and being outdoors again as we relish being here on the coast...

 Carpe diem!!!!

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