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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Today is Saturday, April 28th

Wow! What a week!!!! Best news: Tracy is holding his own. His white cell count is still holding at 2.5. Normal is 4-11. His weight is back to normal at 231 lbs. Yahoo! He handled the chemo yesterday with great humor after shucking and jiving with Bruno and a new Fellow. Bruno teases Tracy relentlessly about his beautiful curls... I think he's jealous.... and of course T smiles and preens and tosses his curls. Bruno says T's hair will go back to his original state after chemo... we'll see. We're still looking at October for the end of this maintenance protocol and I think Bruno is resigned to keeping T on Vincristine once a month and no other additional chemo chemicals. I'm glad. T is tolerating this and oh soooo tired. He just left for his walk on the beach with our Riley, his constant companion.

 I'm off to meet with a client/friend to go through all of their new home's disclosures. Tricky, we're gonna conference in her Dad who is at home about 500 miles away. He'll be able to sign digitally as we go through everything. Technology is so amazing! After we're through, I'm off to Relay for Life in Santa Clara. I'm walking for our pal, Roddy Magallanes and of course our boy, T and then... a real treat... a massage for both of us by Jan, of oh so wonderful hands...

 Yesterday, we managed to pack in a listing appointment in Cupertino prior to Stanford and then, a listing appointment in Milpitas afterwards. Then, we came home and collapsed. That's a sample of what our lives have been like over the last week. Jammed packed and happy and very busy... it's a good thing.

 Our favorite Stanford Concierge, Holly Gautier stopped to visit with us yesterday. She told Tracy about videotaped lectures that he can access online. The lectures are all about the different phases of the cancer cycle. I think T will benefit from hearing about others experiences. It would be good for him to know that the aches and pains will cease at some point after chemo... he is coming back though... he solved a dilemma for me and my iPhone yesterday. I have a new fob that attaches to my phone which with a wonderful new app makes my phone my Realtor lockbox key and much more. Only problem was that my iPhone case didn't allow the fob to attach closely enough to get a signal. Tracy saw the problem and was able to cut the case enough to seal the deal. His brain is back!!! His cunning and clever aptitude has resurfaced and our boy is baaaack!!!


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  1. Hallelujah! IS RIGHT! Right on!! Love to you all! Love Di