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Monday, May 7, 2012

Today is Sunday, May 6th

I am crazy busy and thanking God for it all... but so sorry I'm not keeping up with my blog. I finally realize I'm not superhuman.... so, first Tracy...

Our man has had a tough week and consequently, it's been tough living with him. He's been impossible but he's also been having more pain and headaches...and unfortunately, he ran out of Norontin. CVS was told by Blue Shield that they couldn't renew his prescription until Tues. and T had been out of the meds for a day already (unbeknownst to me). When T emailed Janell @Stanford Fri., it bounced cause she's not back in until Mon. So, yesterday, I took over, paged the on duty hematologist and explained that as the prescription was written, T had exceeded his allotment (altho' the docs had said he could increase as much as needed). Now CVS wasn't getting the message & I'd enlisted Linda's help to pick up T's meds cause I was enroute to an open house in Milpitas & T had been dozing when I left. Linda & then, T ended up wrangling with the pharmacist and getting it filled & covered by insurance. I have to say I was instantly ballistic cause no insurance co. should be able to dictate what meds a patient needs or when!!! Luckily, Linda & T prevailed and I vented and no animals were injured in the process. So, T was not feeling well when he finally got the meds and ended up having a very hard time 'til his body evened out..

 Today T seems more like himself. Thank God!!! We were able to meet Deanna & Gary's new grandbaby and hang out in Saratoga with our extended family while I fielded 25 offers for my new Milpitas listing. Funny, I thought we only had 15 and then, after finally checking all my email accounts - there were another 8. We countered 4 and made my wonderful clients very happy! I was able to meet them in our Los Gatos office to review the offers.  Background on why I took a Milpitas listing: I sold these referred clients a small home on a 9300 sq' lot in the Cambrian area of San Jose almost 3 years ago. Their intention was to remodel the new home and move in within 6 months. Well, as we all know remodels never complete on time or on budget so, they moved into their new home about a week ago. I put their Milpitas home on the MLS Thurs about 4:30 and my phone hasn't stopped ringing. Would you believe there were over 100 people through my open house on Sat.? Phew! We should be in contract by tomorrow evening....AND while all this was going on, I received another offer for 320 Rio Del Mar Blvd. this evening too! What a day!

 Business has been incredible... ratcheting up as I take this Brian Buffini class which is reinvigorating me... I had 3 listing appointments this past week and I'm amazed! Only caveat: I would love to take a couple days off very soon and just be pampered... a spa would be ideal... massaged and fed and healthy exercise... I'll have to see what I can schedule and soon.

 Life is what we make it and this is it!!! Today and this very moment is all that we really have... make the most of it!

 Carpe diem!

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  1. Tracy,
    I'm so happy you finally were able to get the meds that you needed, unbelievable the hoops you had to jump through to get them.

    Love your energy and sense of humor through all.

    Love & White Light