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Monday, May 28, 2012

Today is Memorial Day, May 28th

Thank you all for your efforts and your sacrifices that have allowed us to survive and thrive!!!

 I feel very thankful today! My life has been very full of late. Started out about a week ago with Jayne & I heading down to Carmel for a couple days.... that was a chance to get away from the routine and relax a bit... we stayed at the Cobblestone Inn and loved this bed & breakfast!!! Highly recommend it! We enjoyed the cozy room with fireplace; the location which was walking distance to everything and the breakfast & afternoon happy hour of wine and hor d'oeurves were fabulous! They even put sherry and almond dabs out before bedtime.

 On the way out of town, we stopped at the beach to admire it's beautiful white sand and turquoise water... we lucked out on weather too! Before we left the area, we stopped to admire Clint's Mission Ranch and then, the Carmel Valley Ranch... wow!!! That's a spa plus salt water pool to sink into ...

 The week sped by filled with lots of trauma around the sale of 320 Rio del Mar Blvd.... tough when you deal with an out of town relocation company and sellers who have no interest in their home anymore.... 1028 Jungfrau Court is speeding along towards close of escrow and finally, we may be getting to some kind of agreement on 282 Aptos Beach Dr... patience is a virtue... which I always seem to be short of...

 Speaking of patience... I dropped my MacBook Pro twice last year in T's hospital room... T was able to get it working again somehow but I've been having a lot of trouble with it over the last year. Well, the Apple genius bar folks determined that my hard drive was the cause of my issues. So, they replaced it twice on Sat. The first time we waited for it. When the new drive failed, we decided we'd come back on Sun. to pick it up... after T had all his curls cut off... awww I loved his curls but 'spose they'll grow back. So, now I can't get my laptop to work at all with the wireless system at home. Apple is closed today so, tomorrow patience will rule.

 I'm content with life and starting to see that we're coming full circle... Tracy is coming back to the land of the living slowly but surely... on May 18th, we saw Dr. Recht, the neuro-oncologist who smiled when I interpreted his medicalese by simply stating that we'd have to think long and hard before they drilled a hole in T's head to drain the fluid around his brain. T agreed that it probably wouldn't happen and that he'd probably stop complaining about his headaches long before he submitted to that procedure. Well, on Fri, past we saw Bruno again and he called Tracy "a delicate flower" ... can you imagine? who would ever call Tracy a delicate flower? I was instantly caught between laughing and being aghast. Bruno was trying to say that Tracy was very sensitive to any change in treatment. So, while T levels out... his white cell count was steady at 2.8 (normal is 4-11) Bruno said he was going to give our T a break. Bruno is traveling over the next month to Japan to speak for 5 days at a Hematology Forum. That gives T a 6 week window this time... maybe he'll bounce back up all the way to 4! In any case, T can even go to Dr. Wu in the interim for his labs and to check in with our local hero. So, I asked if we could put T on a plane and Bruno said "YES"!!! I'm a happy gal! He said we can even go to a club to hear some jazz!!! Now slowly but surely, we're going to get normal... all we have to do is get his headaches to stop....

 We were invited to a barbecue at Matt & Jeanette's on Sun. but T has had a headache since Fri. that wouldn't quit. Poor thing.. so we asked for a raincheck.

 T seems to be better today... I made lemonade from our Meyer lemons... reminds me of an old saying...

Happy Memorial Day!!!! ..

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  1. Sounds like the Lemonaid was pretty awesome. What else can you do? Still have you in our daily prayers and good to know that T has some time between the next round. I pray the headaches ceese so you can hop on that plane.
    Love to you both,
    Di H