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Friday, June 8, 2012

Today is Friday, June 8th

I know, I know... but there's no rest for the weary...

 Time is just zipping by! Jammed packed days of interesting twists and turns and I've been just plain exhausted. I figure something is off with my blood levels cause I awake tired. So, finally this morning I sent an email to my GP to say I need a full panel done.... NEXT!!!

 Closed 320 Rio Del Mar Blvd. this past Wed. and granted an extension on 1028 Jungfrau Ct. All the inspections were completed on 282 Aptos Beach Dr. and we've got lots of thinking to do... New listing at 1656 Martin St., San Jose was referred to me and we're busily getting everything painted inside and out, floors redone and inspections completed over the next couple weeks. 200 Sand St. should be ready for the market in a couple weeks too. Oh Boy!!

 Life is a continual round of interesting moments... Tracy is still suffering with headaches but seems to have more time in between or am I simply hoping for a break for our boy? He's looking very well and coping as we continue to stroll to the beach most mornings with our boy Jack Riley...

 Last week we checked out the grand opening of the Tannery Arts & Craft Center on First Friday in Santa Cruz.  Lo and behold amongst all the studios, we stumbled upon the artist that had seen T & Riley's photo in the Sentinel awhile back... the one where Riley had jumped sky high for his daddy on the beach... and the artist (her name escapes me) had written T a note stating that she wanted to sculpt Riley. Well she did and it's hilarious!!!! All flapping ears and boundless joy shooting for a frisbee...

 Life is good and we look forward to lots of joy...

 Almost forgot my old partner in crime came to stay for a week... Sylvia scrambled to assist her daughter, Sarah & grandbabies as Sarah went through amnio... ah hah! Congrats! Sarah will have a boy to join her girls and Sylvia enjoyed some special time with family and friends. It was a pleasure to see her again in between all the demands on her time, usually late at night or very early in the morn as we left for the beach. She was a welcome guest!!!

 Moved our clay play day to Friday and oh what a joy to finish the week this way!!! I've been having an artist's block? Do I even qualify as an artist? Anyway...have had a hard time trying to figure out what I was gonna do next for about the last month (also missed 3 Wed because of work commitments) This our first Friday together was glorious!! It was a perfectly stunning day and I'd perused a book that Betsy had gotten for me about building a piece from slabs... as we strolled to the beach, it hit me. I made 2 pieces today! I'm a happy gal!

Have a great weekend!!!

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