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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Today is Tuesday, May15th

I'm finally giving in... I'm going to Carmel for 2 days with Jayne.  I need a little down time. Yahoo!

 Biz is gr8 (just closed 104 Angora Lane, have 320 Rio del Mar & 282 Aptos Beach Dr. & 1028 Jungfrau Ct., Milpitas- that's another story- 25 offers & it went way over list price- in contract) & Tracy is holding his own although the headaches are sometimes worse. We see his neuro-oncologist & he has another MRI this Fri.. & next Fri yet another round of Stanford treatment & Bruno.

I'll be playing in a Sereno Group sponsored Relay for Life Poker Tournament Thurs evening in Los Gatos. All $$ raised goes to the fight against this wretched disease-cancer. Our dear friends, Roddy and Carol are holding their own in their enormous struggles with the Big C.

 I just finished walking our entire Rio del Mar neighborhood for Zach Friend. Great candidate, the ONLY real candidate running for 2nd District County Supervisor.   It's been a pretty nasty race with all kinds of conspiracy stuff - Agenda 21 & crazies strutting their stuff. Hopefully, people really talk to the candidates & get the straight story.  Don't forget to vote June 5th!!!

 Life is pretty full & I'm happy but I'm looking forward to a couple days of down time Sun -Tues. Tracy & Riley will hold down the fort while I'm gone...

 Keep sending that white healing light to surround us please...

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