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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Today is Sunday, October 30th

Friday was an amazing orchestration of events.  The inspectors did me a favor and went all the way to Redwood City from Santa Cruz, the only day they were available, Fri.  It worked into our day at Stanford perfectly and Brian's home is standing tough.  Altho' the prospect of actually getting the home inspected looked dismal for awhile.  The lockbox had mysteriously vanished and no one was answering my calls.  Finally, the owner responded and came & unlocked the bedrooms & garages and the inspections proceeded. We're now more convinced than ever that it's the right home for him.  The hard job will be  getting the listing agent to do her job but we're on our way....From there we rolled to Ikea in E. Palo Alto to pick up the key for Amos's San Jose home from Jon, his tenant, ( he works in Foster City & had forgotten to leave the key) and then straight across the tony tree lined University Ave. to Stanford.  T's labs were done quickly so, we grabbed a salad & sandwich outside in the sun beside the Lucille Packard Children's cafeteria and finally, went on to Bruno's clinic.  The anticipation of seeing Bruno always gives me agida (acid stomach for an Italian) and today was no exception.  Thankfully,  Bruno came in with a smile.  T's counts are holding.  His white cell count was 3 and he's had a good month.  The test he'd taken last month to discover whether he had an errant enzyme that caused havoc with chemo turned out to be true.  So, T will stay this course of Vincristine by IV once a month and 5 tabs of Dexamethasone for 5 days and this month, an additional 18 tabs of Methotrexate every 7 days.  We joked about the fact that he'd be taking almost 2 dozen pills ( 1 short) and he'd better eat with them or suffer a queasy stomach.  Bruno was his charming self and remarked on how well T looked.  When I said, " he hadn't killed him yet ", Bruno said "No, but you almost killed me" ...  and we all laughed...  Being T's advocate didn't make me exactly popular but it sure got results.  I wouldn't and couldn't change cause I become the Momma Bear when it comes to my love.... and Bruno et al beware....  Janell met with us after and explained she'd be gone for 6 weeks for surgery on her leg and gave us alternative physician assistants to contact in her absence.... T will return for labs in 2 weeks and then again on the 23rd for treatment & Bruno's clinic.

Relieved and pretty exhausted, we left the campus in search of a hardware store to make copies of Amos' key.  The app, 'Around Me', is invaluable when searching for something like that... whahoo...  10 min. later we were on our way to South San Jose, near Hellyer Park.

4130 Sacramento Ave.
Amos' home looks great!!!  The paint colors are terrific and I just love the red door.  The carpet cleaner, On the Spot, was on his way so, we put the contractor's box on the hose bib; put up the sign and assessed what needed to be done before we put it on the market.

Phew!!!  Now all we needed to do was drive home in rush hour traffic.  We took the southernly route and wound our way down to Gilroy on 101 and then, across 152 through the leafy gentle curves of Hecker Pass by the closed Mt. Madonna Inn to Watsonville and finally our Rio Del Mar haven... one more mandatory stop at CVS for T's meds and my flu vaccine since T had been given his at Stanford.  I was truly spent when we arrived home but rallied enough to make mashed potatoes and veggie burgers and then, we both collapsed on the couch.

Saturday was another gorgeous day on the coast.  We walked the neighborhood and came home for scrambled eggs and coffee and T swallowed all 23 pills...God love him!  I kept feeling like I needed a nap but the balmy weather and a chance to meet and greet was on the way...  As I put out my open house sign on Rio Del Mar Blvd and Sumner, a pick up truck slowed down... as the fella held up his coffee in salute to me, he sang "Walk like an angel"  and I have to admit,  I smiled and strutted just a bit...  made me feel young again and just a wee bit sexy as I forgot all about my feminist roots....

The open house was very slow which allowed me to spend time with each visitor, neighbor and perhaps the next buyer...  I crocheted and listened to jazz from my iPhone and thought about the risotto we were going to assemble when I returned home....  My honey and I are a brilliant team in the kitchen.  I sipped Moscato (Shar had left some) as I stirred the risotto and kissed the last two days goodbye...

We are blessed....

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