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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Today is Wednesday, September 14th

Here's a photo from Jayne:

Catching up again. After my sales meeting Tuesday, I went to Trader Joe's and then, Cathy Sy worked my body back to normal. T wanted to go to the beach and that's what we did. With Riley, chairs, books and water we found our place in the sun at Hidden Beach. Riley ran T ragged. What a gas....and then, after dinner we decided to get in the jacuzzi tub (first time in a year )... wow what a treat! Unfortunately, T fell as he was getting out of the tub.... Thank God he didn't break anything...only big bruises that the nurses will probably ask T about. Have you been abused.. by your wife perhaps? No, thank God, T & I are growing closer as T becomes centered in health.

Today is Tracy's birthday and also, the anniversary of Cenz's passing 16 years ago. How could that be???? I remember Tracy had only been around a couple years when Cenz became so very ill. Then, he passed away on T's birthday. Why? Well, Mom insisted that we celebrate Tracy's birth even tho' Cenz had passed. How wonderful that Mom knew we needed T to see us all through. September has been a month of many loved birthdays, including our Riley AND a very big loss.

Today we walked the neighborhood after Tracy's many family phone calls and Riley gave us 2 birthday bags. I did some work- called a new client I'd met last Sat. to apprise her that I'd sent 2 disclosure packages on my listing today and expected an offer imminently. So weird!!! Serendipity, she was sitting in the driveway of 118 Granada with her husband when I called her. So, I walked over and met her husband and showed them the house. I want them to live there. They would be a welcome addition to our neighborhood but isn't there always a wrinkle? The buyer of their home in Piedmont has to find new financing even as they're already living in the home. We know it will happen. The question is when and will it be in time?!!

So, home to get dressed and prepare the 4 layer dip and bruschetta for our neighbors in celebration of the Virgos in our midst. What a wonderful gathering to recognize these lovely folks in our extended family. I am amazed and honored to know them all. Linda & Jim gave us a gift certificate to enjoy our dinner at Cafe Sparrow and man, did we!!!

Happy Birthday one and all!!!!.... we know you're up there smiling Cenz....

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  1. Yes ! Happy Birthday to ALL! Sorry I missed you guys!! Love you Di BTW what a lovely couple and Lovely Picture!!!