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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Today is Friday, Sept. 2nd bleeding into the 3rd

I'm crazed. This has been a day of doctor appts. end to end. How can one live a life when it's one doctor's appt. to the next. Started out with my annual wellness exam. Whoa Nelly, I'm sick of pap smears and speculums. But can you imagine what T has gone thru?
I can't. Next stop - Stanford. Lunch, labs & Bruno et al. On to Redwood City to show a couple of homes to Brian & Angela. We decided the home we're in contract on is the best bet so far.

Thursday was a day of checking out inventory and our rentals. Today, Saturday will be a day of work. Open house at 741 Oakhill Dr. in Seacliff. A $2,895,000 bluff beauty.

So what happened at Stanford? I feel like we've been blown down by the prevailing winds...or off course yet again. T's white cell count is up to 2.5!!!! No platelets needed. Not stable enough yet for treatment.

The new Fellow entered the examining room and introduced himself. I didn't catch his name...it didn't seem important. He shook T's hand, ignored me and proceeded to ask all the standard questions. Then, it was our turn. I guess since he hadn't properly engaged in the niceties of manners and included me in the first place, I had no problem with interrogating him. One has to earn my respect. Every question or statement was parried by us. It all comes down to Quantity vs Quality and we still don't have any definitive answers.
Statistics were quoted about case studies involving ages 30-60 and 60% were alive 3 years from the time the 2nd phase of treatment started. Of course that skewed higher towards the lower age group and apparently there are no statistics re what happened to the higher age group after that 3 year time span. Oh and the treatment lasts about 2 years and 3 months. So, bottom line: if you survive the treatment you may or may not have about 3 months after the protocol. Of course the alternative, oh that alternative is that you will slowly but surely be attacked by the disease again and wouldn't you start treatment again? So, why would you not continue now? It's a closed loop argument with no room for real debate. I didn't even bother with Bruno. He & T bantered back and forth. Bruno teasing T and T giving it right back. In short, T returns for a bone marrow test in 3 weeks and an apt with Bruno a few days later to begin treatment: chemo light. Probably Vincristine & another poison to stave off leukemia's return. I only hope T remains himself for as long as possible. He doesn't remember how bad it got. He thinks it won't be that bad...I guess he has to.

I'm not feeling the lift I'd hoped for. What happened to years not months or days? WTF?
So, please keep sending that healing white light...we both need it!


  1. Sending more good vibes and LIGHT... Now let's have some fun this weekend to soothe what smarts!

  2. Prayers love and white light always... What the F is wrong with this world.. aren't these our wonder years....Love you guys - di

  3. or glory years.. or whatever years .....we should all be totally enjoying!!

  4. Feeling very hopeful for a lot more time for you, Tracy, time enough to get this figured out.

    I happened to catch a story on the news a week or so ago. This is a study the Docs at Stanford are playing a part in- please check it out.

    Thinking of you always, and always speeding healing white light in your direction.

    Love, Linda Jack