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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Today is Monday, Sept. 12th

Happy Birthday Jayne!!!!  Amazing that I love so many Virgos... what is it about these wonderful people?!  My first love, Brian, was a Virgo, born on Sept. 6th.  Can't believe I remember that?  The love of my life, my Tracy, is a Virgo born on Sept. 14th.  My one little block holds 4 Virgos and 1 Scorpio (Evelyn just barely missed being a Virgo and turns 90 this year).  What a crazy coincidence or was it divine intervention?

Great recovery day today...  Yesterday, T and I started our day late and I rushed out to buy birthday cards before the Niners game.  I didn't want to miss it...  we screamed and hollered as the 49ers fumbled their way to victory...  They're gonna have to pull it together cause the Seahawks weren't at full strength BUT I'll take a win anyway we can get one right now!!!

As soon as the game was over, T & I rode over the hill and joined Jayne & Lou and the rest of our extended family for a birthday celebration dinner.  It was sooo nice to gather and chat and laugh and eat... what we all do best!  Lots of photos were taken... come on people...let's see 'em.  A great time was had by all...

Today was a relaxing day... T & I walked and I answered a lot of calls about 118 Granada Dr.  I caught the last hour or so of the US Open... what a match between Nadal and the unpronounceable - who won!  To think they can actually play so well and so hard for over 4 hours!!  Afterwards we strolled over to Tuscany until it was time for book club....  we had a great discussion about the element of evil and from whence it comes and as it was related in "The Devil in the White City" by Larsen.  Interesting discussion of how evil has affected several of us.  I got into the AJ Beebe drama; his defiling of the original house we'd bought here in 2000 (while we were awaiting our permits to remodel/build our home )...I got pretty worked up... every time I think about what might have been I get crazy.

T had come over the hill to check on the house in June 2001 (Mike and his family had moved out 2 weeks prior ) and Tracy discovered loaded guns, knives everywhere on counters and in drawers in the kitchen, a sawed off shotgun and gun cleaning kit in the garage and grafitti on all the walls of the house plus the kicker: white paint smeared all over the stone fireplace.  Tracy, my conscientious objector husband, was surrounded by guns.  Tracy immediately called the police and they told him to leave the house.  The Sheriff arrived pretty quickly and gathered all the weapons up and put them in the trunk ( it was so full, he had a hard time closing it).  Linda came over and identified the name on the cleaning kit as belonging to the neighbor.  So the Sheriff went over to the Beebe's house and promptly returned all the weapons to the owner, AJ's Dad.  Do you believe that??!!!!  He then took AJ (a juvenile delinquent ) into custody.  AJ had been terrorizing the neighborhood for awhile.  Clueless parents had turned a blind eye...  Tracy called me to apprise me and I was jolted out of my serene world ( I had been in a meeting with a couple engineers in my office at Apple) and plunged into nightmares about what might have been... Columbine had just happened.  I kept freaking out.  What if T had walked in on AJ sitting with a loaded gun?  I finally convinced T to call the FBI and report the incident but we got no satisfaction.  We ended up going to his trial after a considerable amount of time had passed.  We both took the stand and let that little pissant have it.  That & compensation for the sand blasting of the fireplace was all the retribution we ever received.  No one ever apologized.  The Beebe's finally sold their home and moved away without AJ after he was released.  I hope I never see that little shit again....

Anyway, it was a lively discussion and that full moon definitely made me crazy tonite....

Sweet dreams....

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