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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tea Party????

Huge Federal Deficit?  Guess who put us into this financial distress?  It took 8 years of uncontrolled spending and weird budgeting by the previous administration and total lack of concern for the middle class to get us here.  The Bush administration did not account for the costs of war in the budget nor did they care for any type of social welfare program.  This administration is trying to do the right thing and somehow it gets construed as wild spending... adding to the overwhelming federal deficit.  Yah health care and education are very important to most people.   If the party of no would stop telling lies and spreading BS about these bills and their intent; everyday people would understand.  Socialism?  who doesn't like medicare? or health coverage for children? or libraries? or education? who thinks that people earning over 250k should be given a tax break as opposed to those people below that threshold who actually need it?  I just don't see how people can believe what they're told without using their brains or their eyes?  Time to actually sit down and drink some of that chamomile tea and really think about the issues!

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  1. one spineless party and one brainless party trying to run a country !