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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday, the 12th

Today is one of my very best friend's birthday!  I've known her longer than anyone other than my brother.  We met when I was in 8th grade in Conn.  Tracy & I went over the hill to celebrate with her. YAH JAYNE!!!  On the drive over I called my mom's twin, Aunt Etta.  She will be 97 in Nov. and she still lives by herself in West Haven, Conn.  She said the secret to her longevity is "I get up and get things done.  I never hesitate.  I vacuumed 4 rooms and dusted today.  Then, I did laundry.  When it's time to eat; I get up and make something for myself.  I just keep moving."  So there you have it!  The secret to long life:  KEEP MOVING!!!

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