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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Today is Saturday, March 26th

Tracy was admitted to Stanford last night.  While he was being given blood (after the platelets) he began to run a temp.  We: T, Peg Asst? Rn, Sandy RN and I were all trading lines from our favorite comedy movies of all time in the Apheresis room (had to look that one up- sterile room with big comfy chairs where blood is extracted and separated into its parts- platelets etc.).  T had been given a chair in that room because the ITA was so full.  He was happy and very comfortable in the high tech chair/bed which was even long enough to accommodate him.  So, we were all relaxed and having fun and I stepped out of the room to answer a phone call.  That's when Sandy nailed me.  I couldn't lie when asked the direct question about whether he'd been running a temp.  She extracted the true situation... T had sworn me to silence but I was terribly worried...Tylenol was keeping the temp down along with cold compresses but it certainly wasn't dealing with the cause... Sandy and then, Katie, the nurse practitioner asked for details and I told and then upon returning to his room, asked T for forgiveness.   Sandy & Katie told T that they'd heard every excuse in the book for why he might have run a temp (sat in front of the fireplace, took too hot a shower etc).... nobody wants to deal with restarting the process... but the key point is dealing with the cause of the temp... infection?  his liver count wasn't great (I thought he was a little yellow) and all his numbers were awry. ... As they got T to acquiesce and eventually tell, they explained what the result of allowing him to go on with unchecked fevers could be... and renal failure or stroke is not acceptable.   So, a couple Drs. arrived and thoroughly worked up what his present condition was and examined him.  About 7:00PM, I caved and decided I'd go home.  T would have a cat scan, EKG and lots of blood cultures done before he was admitted into a private room.  With his admittance of relief that he would actually get some help and his absolution for telling on him... I journeyed home to strip and wash everything on our bed and finally rest my weary head....  T called to say he was in a large corner room overlooking a statue and gardens outside the children's hospital and I thank God he's in good hands....

Spoke with T several times today, Sat.  Courtney is his nurse-  Yah!!!!  and he was watching the John Wayne classic "True Grit"...  I'm sucking on Zicam lozenges for a sore throat and back in bed....hoping I'll be over it so, after my client leaves tomorrow... I can journey to Stanford to see my honey.  Please surround him with white light... he's gonna beat this thing... he's almost made it through the second phase!!!  That's gotta count!!

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