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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today is Wednesday, March 2nd

Waiting...the vexing wait for the bone marrow biopsy results is making an already crazy person NUTS!!!  

So, in the meantime:  Monday was a day of work related phone calls while Tracy rested up. Uneventful other than a bonehead (that would be me) recorded the red carpet and didn't change the channel so, none of the actual Oscar show was recorded... oh well...

Tuesday was a crisp, cold and clear day on the coast.  We decided to go to the beach and enjoy it so, we piled into the blue bomber after Tracy replaced the bulb for the left hand turn signal (I grew up calling it an "indicator" but that sounds so old fashioned now) ... yes, Ace Hardware still stocks bulbs for a 22 year old car that is a wonder... it runs beautifully and is fun to drive with Riley so excited he almost sings!!!

Tracy & Riley, the Wonder Dog

Riley reaching for the sky (T is 6'4")

Tracy taking a break at Rio del Mar beach 

Man and his dog 
Rio del Mar beach was ours to enjoy... upon seeing a huge gathering of birds sitting on top of a seemingly flat area not very far from the shore;  we knew we were in for a treat.... very soon we saw black fins cresting the water.  A school of dolphins had found the feeding area too as they skimmed the waves we took that as a portend of good news... hope and faith in T's indomitable spirit...

T decided it was time so we ambled back home.  He decided he'd clean the mold off his beloved blue bomber with ammonia & a brush (sitting for months with one side in the shade caused the mold to grow) as I washed Riley, the wonder dog...  then, with a quick stop at the office to pick up a couple faxes for my short sale;  I went to see Cathy Sy who untwisted my tormented body, and finally, Whole Foods for un-sulphured apricots, liverwurst requested by T (yuck!), sourdough bread, organic berry pie and bananas and home to my sweet man...  T had set up the game of Life and we enjoyed a quick turn around the board as T kicked my novice butt!

Last stop for the day... ran down to Watsonville to pick up the rents.  Learned we have to replace the original windows on our Craftsman homes soon... Tracy will be making some phone calls today to figure that one out as we don't want our tenants to suffer through the cold and wet.  Hopefully, there's a government program (some would call that socialism; I call that lovely ) to help defray the cost.  Anyway, it must be done and soon.  Picked up a fish & chips dinner to share from the much missed Wooden Nickel (we haven't been there in at least 5 months) and home to an early evening...

We're still waiting for the news .. keep the white light surrounding T and thee...


  1. Excellent news will be coming your way soon!!

    White light! XXOO di

    Love the Riley/T shots.. Rileys got some rubber in them those legs!!!!

  2. A man and his dog. How beautiful is that.....