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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today is Wednesday, March 30th

UPDATE!!!  Tracy is home from Stanford and we're soooo glad!!!

Tuesday started with our sales meeting seminar on short sales, followed by touring of 5 new listings, quick bite with Lorraine and then, escrow work until it was time to drive to Stanford to retrieve my honey... I was waiting at the front door for T and he walked out sans cane and I was overwhelmed with happiness...  My honey has his balance and his wit back...tank God!

Today saw a harried Realtor do a great listing presentation (they won't put their home on the market until June or July) and then, yours truly tried to keep the short sale deal alive through very thorough inspections.

Great news!  Coronado Drive no longer has a trustee scheduled on Sat.

I'm sooo tired, I keep falling asleep on the keyboard.

White light!!!


  1. VERY GLA to read such an upbeat update!! Gooo uncle T, feel better!! xoxoxox

  2. Great to hear the positive news of improve health, mobility and less PAIN
    for Uncle T! Tracy, I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better and returned home so quickly from Stanford. Aunty Anne and Uncle Tracy I want to send you both lots of love and positive energy to conquer all obstacles!

    Your Nephew Shawn