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Friday, March 11, 2011

Today is Friday, March 11th

Thurs. was jammed packed with work and forcing my hairs back to normal... all I really wanted was a nap all day... when I finally arrived home, I was too tired to sleep... relaxed a bit and then, grilled some beautiful asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, cherry pie for dessert.. before I could rest, I had several things I had to do and finally, turned the light out at 10:30.

 Narrowly escaping the tsunami we made our way over the hill... verry early this morning... Dayna had called at 2:30AM to ask if we knew about the tsunami heading our way... no, we were deeply dreaming at the time.. Now folks we happen to be about 100 feet above the sea, set back from the bluff a block.... tank God!  Michael phoned @4:45AM... why aren't these people sleeping?!!!!  Jayne even checked in from Mexico while working on her tan....So, we left our boy Riley to fend for himself ... he can swim, I tell you!  The most amazing sight as we crested the summit of 17... there were hundreds of cars parked on both sides of the freeway and lots of folks just standing there.... fugitives of beach flats??  awaiting the sights?  I was dumbfounded... somebody could have made a lot of money selling breakfast treats...so we called Gary to alert him to the opportunity... sorry, I'm making light of a tragedy.. We saw some CNN footage upon our arrival... God help the poor Japanese! 8.9 Earthquake!!  That is truly mind blowing!  The Pacific coastline seems to have survived unscathed...

We've been here at Stanford since 7:15 AM and Tracy has been quite the trooper!  His numbers are way up... neutraphils are up to 4400!!! and his overall white cell count is 4.8.  Yahoo!  So, they're throwing everything at him... he's had an anti- nausea pill, spinal tap with chemo,  cytorabine, then, an IV of vincristine and an IV of saline... all over the course of many hours...  My man is tough and right now, he's lying in a bed with multiple blankets and two IV's feeding him.... I thank God for his resilience!!   I'm a little punchy... I took a walk awhile ago to find the elusive Mexican bistro... and lo and behold!  great turkey, guacamole, beans etc. wraps!  T had wanted something different and he actually ate half.. could have ordered one for both of us... but they're Riley treats now...  can't wait  to go home...

The good news:  Tracy has finally started the next phase of treatment... we hope!!  I'm gonna drive him tomorrow and Tom will drive Sun. (so I can hold an open house at my listing at 207 Toledo Drive)  and John will drive Mon.  Then, 3 days off and he starts the cycle again on Fri., Sat., Sun, Mon.  Keep your prayers coming and healing white light surrounding Mr. T.  Rides needed...

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