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Monday, March 21, 2011

Today is Monday, March 21st

We're at Stanford again.... feels like Groundhog Day... Johnny accompanied us today for T's 4th treatment.  T was pretty touch and go over the last day or so.  He's been running a temp and I've been sworn to keep taking his temp and keep him hydrated.  He's bound and determined to finish this round and not have to start all over again.  So, tylenol and lots of protein drinks and chicken broth are the main stays...  I keep changing him and washing clothes and taking his temp... feels like a broken record.  T's weight is down to 211 lbs.  The  Dr. says graze thruout the day.  So, I'll start cutting up cheese with crackers and hard boiling eggs to feed the beast.  T's attitude is the best!  He's gonna make it through this round.

Shar & Shawn are together today... just wish the sun would come out!  Tomorrow is my families last California day...  let's hope for the best!

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