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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Today is Sunday, March 13th

Tracy has survived the last 3 days of chemo... I do mean survived.  After they threw everything conceivable at him on Fri., my sweet man ended up with a very queasy stomach and a virulent headache (we'd been warned about a spinal headache as a result of the lumbar puncture).  Sat. was another long day at Stanford.  When we arrived, Tracy was visibly ill so, I pushed our way into the treatment room.  They got him a bed and Dr. Chan finally prescribed a full IV liter of caffeine (can you imagine?) and then, dilaudin for the pain and at last, an injection of cytarabine.  Tracy thought he was ok but his stomach told a different story.  He lost it twice before we got home.  I was doing 80+ all the way... I was speeding knowing that the sooner he laid down in his own place, the better (also just daring someone to stop me)...

Today, Sunday, was a work day for me.  Tom arrived to transport T and I went off to my open house at 207 Toledo Dr.  Although it's around the corner, I drove the area to set up all my signs.  Thank goodness the rain held off until the last hour.  As a result, I had a listing appointment afterwards and another listing apt. tomorrow.   Home to my honey, I made all his normal favorites... salmon, brussel sprouts and couscous... unfortunately, he took one whiff and that was it... chicken broth was all he could handle.  I hope tomorrow my honey can hold down some real food... he's looking mighty gaunt and Riley's gonna get fat!

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