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Friday, May 6, 2011

Today is Friday, May 6th

It's about 5:45 on Friday afternoon and Tracy is being transfused.  We've been here all day.  He's received platelets and 2 units of blood and he's running a slight fever and his mouth is bleeding, my poor baby.  So, I took a walk over to Dr. Wu's office after the nurse suggested strongly that T needed care.  Dr. Wu says he should be at Stanford, where they're equipped to handle him.  So, as soon as his transfusion is complete; we'll be on our way to Stanford emergency to have him admitted.  I called and spoke with the on call doctor and he gave me a hard time so, Shannon, our nurse here called Dr. Wu at my request and I'm going to just drive him up.  As I said to the on call Dr. - I'm not trying to be difficult... I love him and he needs their care.  Basta!!!

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