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Monday, May 30, 2011

Today is Memorial Day, Monday, May 30th

I realize that my self-imposed guilt over just taking the weekend off is STUPID!!!  I needed the time to relax and recharge and not get into my car and drive anywhere.  As a friend said, I'm never completely off because a Realtor always answers the phone.  Speaking of which, 3 different buyers raised their interest this weekend but it doesn't look like any of them are going to match the sellers' expectations.  We'll see how that works out...

I'm happy to say I stuck around the house and I just started going through email.  Phew! I get a lot of email... time to unsubscribe and probably to get another spam filter.  Riley just came over to rouse me... it's time for dinner I guess....

Let's all say a prayer in remembrance of all those soldiers' sacrifices so that we could be here now...  Happy Memorial Day!!!

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