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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Today is Wednesday, May 4th

It's amazing how much time and energy I spend thinking through real estate issues.  It's definitely not a career choice for the faint of heart.  Brian's counter still hasn't arrived.  Apparently the agent has more important things to do.  I spent a lot of time working on recounting all the work that transpired on my Short Sale listing.  I'm going to take another look at it tomorrow before it hits prime time.  I had major email problems today so, along with working through issues, I couldn't get online at all and thought I'd lost the work I'd already completed.  Computers were supposed to make life easier...all I know is I've become dependent on it and when the email goblin appears my life becomes a mess!

T has had a day of rest tho' everything takes a lot of effort for him.  He's exhausted just moving around in bed.  He did rally enough to play golf and bowl on the Wii with Toni.
They spent some time together on Toni's last day here in Ca.  It was a good visit and Toni helped a lot.  God speed...

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