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Monday, May 9, 2011

Today is Monday, May 9th

OMG:  What a difference a day makes!  T sounded better this morning altho' worried that he wouldn't be coming home.  An intern had told him he wasn't going to be discharged and then, the attending came in and told him the opposite.  I spoke with the attending and he said that the decision had been made to release our T.  His medications were altered to eliminate the chemo so, that hopefully, after the multiple platelet infusions over the last few days, his numbers will ultimately rise....they have to... T was so ready to come home... his iPod helped a lot cause music is his salvation...  I saw Cathy Sy and she soothed my body and my cranium... My fingers were tingling as my circulation returned... had to sit in my car, drink lots of water and gather my wits before I drove the hill... to rescue my prince... T's hair is almost gone but his spirit is strong!!!

Lumbar puncture tomorrow so, one more long day at Stanford... send T all the strength and white light you can... we need it!!!

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