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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Today is Mother's Day, May 8th

I've been leaning on friend's shoulders, talking and crying through my fears.... T & I spoke several times before I left this morning.  T & I both had cried to each other last night.  It's the first time T has cried out of frustration.  I'm scared.  I needed to see my love and yet I was dreading going to Stanford.  I wanted to make him laugh, see him smile tho' I didm't feel much like it myself.   When I arrived T was there and not kind of there.  He's in a lot of pain tho' he says his mouth isn't still bleeding, it's swollen and he can't keep more than a few bites of food down..  His feet are swollen and his hair is falling out but other than that he's great.... the saving grace is that T says he's gonna beat this shit...  he's come too far to give up... I stayed awhile and we both fell asleep... when we woke we talked a bit... then,  I went home.  T insists he's coming home tomorrow and that he wants the LP on Tues.  Send us both strength....

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  1. Annie & T~

    Our family is constantly sending well wishes, prayers and of course White Light T's way. He's going to rally back...just needs to through this bump in the road. Stay strong and know that we are all pulling for you both.
    Much Love,
    Di Houghtaling