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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Today is Sunday, May 22nd

We're back at Stanford for labs and waiting to see if T needs an infusion... T needs platelets and not blood.  Interesting!!!

 So, inquiring minds want to know... what about the pie????

After a vigorous open house at 207 Toledo, I collected my signs and went home to my T... He'd already had a protein smoothie, scrambled eggs for lunch and an afternoon snack of a bolgna sandwich... YAHOO!!!  My honey didn't want dinner but was ready for another protein smoothie.  So, Jim & Linda had invited me over for some salmon and I was ready to relax... T was comfortable and sated and I looked forward to some relaxation so, I packed up my infamous pie (picture above) & whipped cream and went to Tuscany.  I had a martini ( Linda's special concoction is sooo good!!! She uses mango lemonade & limonata & vodka) and relaxed outside in the sun...  kept checking on T while our dinner grilled and then, after a delicious shared dinner, the Caminata's joined us for dessert as pictured above... ok so, the crust wasn't exactly flakey but the strawberry rhubarb was pretty darn good as everyone ate their pieces with accompanying ooo's and ah's....

Don't know if I'll attempt another one... I do know Tracy is a great pie maker and I'm looking forward to when he can make a pie again.

I feel like we've turned a corner...I don't want to jinx this process but we've made some major decisions with a lot of support.  As Mark, the Physical Therapist, pointed out I looked worn out from our continual treks to Stanford,  whaddayathink Tracy was feeling like?  I picked up the phone and called Kelly at Dr. Wu's office and arranged for Tom to take T to Santa Cruz vs Stanford on Tues.  If he needs blood, he'll go across the street to Dominican.  Yahoo!!!!  From here on out;  we'll go to Stanford to see Bruno but not for anything else...we hope.  Fingers crossed and it makes typing almost impossible.  BUT that will help T and I ease back into reality and sanity...

The new sleeping aid didn't work for T so, I'll also call Bill tomorrow re an alternate med. Someone from Stanford had called on Fri. morning while I was out and said T needed a cat scan.  Unfortunately, T didn't get all 7 digits so, & never heard back from Janell either.   Tomorrow we'll try again to get that set up & hopefully, we can do that in Santa Cruz too.

Something else happened on Thurs which was so amazing!!!  We were driving on W.Cliff and I was staring at the ocean and all of a sudden I saw a plume spray pretty high out of the water... I screamed to stop the car and Marilyn did a U turn and parked and we witnessed a mama whale and her calf gliding by...  Stopping to enjoy the wonderland we live in makes me truly thankful to be alive and living here on the central coast!!!

Carpe diem one and all!!!

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