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Friday, May 13, 2011

Today is Friday the 13th of May

An interesting last few days of trying to blog and keeping what's already been posted... Apparently, there was a Google problem where everyone lost their last few blogs.  Starts the conversation in my head about trusting a cloud storage system which is where this blog is on Google.  I'm wondering if any of my followers has the time or the energy to download all of my blogs to a disc or something?  I'm thinking that this could be a book someday and I'm really afraid I'm going to lose all the writing... the Fight to Live?  I don't know... not writing with that intent... blogging just allows me to pour out my real unedited feelings without any recourse in whatever free time I have in any given day.  We'll see...

Friday the 13th is one of my favorite lucky days!  It shined on us today.  T consumed 2 protein drinks and then, I went and picked up vegetable chow mein and T ate a little with some sweet tea tonight.  Yahoo!  Thank God for that!  T was just under 200 lbs. when he weighed himself before we showered.  The doctors have said he can survive with multiple protein drinks but as an Italian, I just can't live with that.  He needs food with nutrition!!!  One of the biggest problems is his mouth is still pretty raw from the radiation.  It is healing but it seems ever so slowly.  It's very hard for him to swallow anything that isn't soft.  Oh well, this too shall pass.

Tomorrow is the Relay for Life walk in Santa Clara.  Roddy's Drumming out Cancer team will be doing their thing.  We've made our donation but I really wanted to be there for Roddy and T.  Please think about it http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR?pg=team&fr_id=31931&team_id=894184.    T & I will be at Stanford tomorrow for labs and probably blood & platelets...   that means another long day at the farm...

The death of a dear old friend, Lula Goolsby, has brought an Apple team retired 25 yrs. back in touch.  She was a sweetheart with so much soul!!!  One of my fondest remembrances of Lula was our first meeting in DC for her initial screening of me for Apple.  There was instant camaraderie as only Lula could engender.  She was warm, thought provoking, intelligent, funny with an acerbic wit that never quit and oh so human. We had a friendship for many years until we allowed circumstances to get in the way.. The one lesson for all of us by losing this kindred spirit, is that we need to live every day as tho' it were our last.  Love to all of you...

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