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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Today is Tuesday, May 10th

Happy 42nd Anniversary John & Shar!!!

We're still at Stanford... fought the traffic - 2 dead stops on 17 and when we arrived, T needed platelets and blood... 2 units of each and I held him steady while the lumbar puncture was done... kept my eyes anywhere but on the procedure.  T's temp kept fluctuating and then, the unwanted news:  Admittance.  T either had a reaction to the blood product or is still fighting an infection.  T challenged the decree but we can't argue with reason.  "Better safe than sorry"  T is situationally depressed.  Who wouldn't be?  He's in remission but what is this life?  Rhonda, the LP administrator, an attending and his great nurse, Jeff, all did their dance trying to convince T to accept the inevitable.  The verdict remains:  he'll be admitted... At least he'll be in the leukemia unit rather than anywhere else.  Maybe Courtney will be on duty?  One can only hope.

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